Thursday, September 12, 2013

Life lately

Life lately is busy!  As we've gotten more settled into Joplin we've added more activities.  We have playdates, and music class, and I've been going to a Bible study as well.  E is a playing machine, and we spend a lot of our days reading books, playing with toys, and keeping up the house (which when I write it doesn't sound like much, but it manages to keep me busy).

I've also been working on several design projects.  Birth announcements, guest books, and invitations- lots of fun, and quickly filling up any down time I had before.

We were in Tulsa this past weekend for a dear friend of mine's wedding- I was a bridesmaid and E was the flower girl.  Such a beautiful, special day, and we were honored to be apart of it.

Our anniversary is next weekend- no big plans yet, hoping to get a babysitter and have a nice dinner out.  Just excited to spend some time with Blake:)