Friday, April 18, 2014

37 Weeks: Baby 2.0

How big is the baby this week: Baby is the size of a watermelon!

Due Date:
 May 8, 2014.

Weight Gain: Up 2 lbs this week. Running total: 21 lbs. 
Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, fatigue, nesting.  At my apt on Wednesday I was 3 cm dilated and 50% effaced.

Cravings: Bruschetta. 

Aversions: Nothing.

Still sleeping well.  Wake up 1-2 times to use the bathroom, but go right back to sleep.

I am loving: That the nursery is almost done!  The chair we ordered won't be in until early May, so it won't be finished until then, but it's so close.

I miss: Being able to do things without the belly in the way.  It's hard to get down and play with E, or even stand for long periods of time.

I am looking forward to: 
Easter!  We're going to have E's first egg hunt!

I'm spazzing about: My dr has said at my last two appointments that he could be here any day, so every twinge has me wondering if he's on his way.

Best thing about this week: Blake put up the vintage suitcase shelves in Caleb's nursery this week!

Milestones: I would say already being dilated to a 3 is a pretty big milestone for me.  

Movement: He loves to move a lot in the evenings, which is also when I get the most Braxton Hicks, so it can make for a painful few hours.

It's a...: Boy!


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  2. Yeah! So excited for you!!!! Can't wait for the baby's arrival!!!

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