About Mama Needs Sushi

 Update: We're pregnant again!  Hoping this one sticks around for an arrival in May 2012!

Update: We lost our first little one June 29, 2011.  Praying God has a blessing for us in the future.
UPDATE:  SushiMama is a Mama-to-be!  We're expecting our first little one in March of 2012!

First and foremost, SushiMama is not actually a Mama... yet.  That's right, this is one of those baby makin' blogs!

Let me rephrase.

As Husband and I are both on the closer to 30 side of our 20s, we’re thinking the “right time” to start a family is getting closer as well.  This blog follows our journey as we (hopefully) go from happily ever after to married with child(ren).  I’ve never been good at keeping my own secrets, but even I know there are some things you don’t want your boss to know just yet.  The answer- an anonymous blog where I can plan, dream and freak out as often as I want.

Lets face it, it's a lot less awkward to share your business with the internet than it is to let your dad know you're attempting to make a baby.