Monday, December 3, 2012

Life lately

  • Best news of the year- my dad is cancer free!  He ended up having 4 chemo treatments total, and his scans show no more cancer.  Unfortunately the chemo did a number on his liver, and also on his lungs.  He is now on oxygen nearly 24/7.  He is doing, better, but still having a lot of pain.  Not sure if it's still the effects of the chemo, or if there is something else going on, but for now, prayers have been answered.
  • Every surface of our house we planned to paint has been painted.  We still have some touch ups to do, but we're SO CLOSE to being done.  What all have we painted?  Emersyn's room, including her trim, E's bathroom, the half bathroom, the dining room, the entry way, two hallways, Blake's mancave, Blake's mancave's bathroom, our bedroom, our master bathroom, the kitchen, the breakfast nook, the living room and the family room.  The only things we didn't paint out of a 3,300 sq foot home was one bedroom and the laundry room.  If I ever walk into a house we're looking to buy again and say, oh all it needs is a coat of paint, my husband has permission to smack me.
  • We are hosting Blake's mom's side Christmas, and it has been good to have a deadline for all these house projects.  We still have to get new carpet installed in our living room, our new dining set in and assembled, pictures and curtains hung, etc, but we've been busting our bums to get things done.  Praying it all comes together soon so we can actually relax and enjoy the holidays.
  • I saw a coffee bar on Pinterest before we moved and knew the perfect spot for one in my house.  It's happening, people! Freakishly excited for this one!
  • We got family pics taken by a friend of mine that's a photographer- we've only seen the sneak peeks, but I'm in love with them and am already planning our next shoot.


  1. That is wonderful news about your Dad! Emersyn has grown so much and is just beautiful! I love the family pictures- you have a stunning little family!

  2. Congratulations on your father being cancer free! Thats fantastic news for the holidays!

  3. So glad to hear the good news on your dad!! Can't wait to see after pics of your house too!!

  4. Praise God for the news about your dad!! Love the pics. :)

  5. God is sooo good- so happy about your dad!

    Now I guess I also have no more room for excuses about not painting our guest bedroom bc I have a baby, right?

    I can't wait to see pics! That reminds me I guess I need to get up to speed on my blog too.

  6. YAY for your dad! What amazing news!

    And I love to paint and we, too, painted EVERY room here (but our house is nowhere near as big as yours). Love painting though although it's super tedious.

    And stop being such a cute family! Like, disgustingly cute.