Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Randoms

1. I still wear my maternity pajama pants because they are so.darn.comfortable.  I don't know that they're really all that different from normal pjs except for the fact that they sit low but I love them.

2. I'm in full swing for prepping for Emersyn's first birthday, but I'm kind of in denial that she's actually turning one in 6 weeks.

3. I want to wear a bikini this summer, but I STILL have the linea nigra, and lovely stretch marks.  The hubs assures me I'm the only one that notices them, but I think he might be lying.  I've thought about using Mederma, or some other product that promises to get rid of stretch marks, but they're all so expensive and I feel like none of them will actually work.  Anyone out there try any miracle drug?

4. My ultimate goal with nursing was one year, with a personal cutoff of 18 months.   However, the hubs and I are hoping to take a vacation without Emersyn in either late May or early June, so I've been hoping to have her weened by then.  Now that it's getting closer though I'm not sure I'm 100% ready to be done, and I feel guilty rushing her for a 5 day vacation.  Pumping is an option, but she usually refuses bottles, so I'm not sure how that would work.

5. Our dog now spends his days outside (we have a big fenced yard), and only comes in in the evenings.  It has made a HUGE difference in being able to keep our house cleaner (he's a shedding machine).  The hubs is still a bit of a softy and will let him in more often if he's home, but umm, he's not the one cleaning the floors.


  1. I hear you on when to wean/won't take a bottle/not quite ready to let her wean/upcoming vacation conundrum. If you aren't ready (and, more importantly, if SHE'S not ready), I vote pump and bottle. We did that with both of my anti-bottle babies when we went on short vacations, and they survived. So did my boobs. ;) Follow your instincts--you are a good Mama! And...can't believe you are planning a birthday party in, I can't believe she is about to be ONE!!! Craziness!!

  2. I've heard that the "It works" defining gel really helps get rid of stretch marks. I have a friend that sells those products and I'm seriously contemplating purchasing some after seeing the before and after pics.