Friday, February 7, 2014

27 Weeks: Baby Crockett 2

How big is the baby this week: Baby is the size of a cauliflower.

Due Date:
 May 8, 2014

Weight Gain: No idea.

Symptoms: Belly, heartburn, fatigue

Cravings: Chocolate milk, chocolate in general, sushi, steak

Aversions: Nadda.

Sleep: Waking up about once a night to use the bathroom.

I am loving: That the nursery is in progress, and that baby boy has a name!  The hubs agreed to my top choice- Caleb, on my birthday this past week!  Good thing, since I've been calling him Caleb and teaching it to Emersyn for the last couple months haha.

I miss: Wearing pants without a maternity panel, sleeping on my back.

I am looking forward to: Continuing work on the nursery and Emersyn's big girl room.

I'm spazzing about: The idea of two children.  I totally get that other women do this all the time, but I'm kind of freaking out about how I will do it.

Best thing about this week: Baby boy finally getting an official name!

Milestones: Nursery is half painted- only thing left is the stripes, and we have to wait for the base color to cure before tackling them.

Movement: Lots of it!

It's a...: Boy!

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