Tuesday, September 6, 2011

5 weeks!

How big is baby this week? Baby is the size of an appleseed. 

Due Date: May 8, 2012

Weight Gain: I would say my weight hasn't really changed, but it tends to fluctuate between 2-5 lbs at any given moment.

Symptoms: Tender boobs, even some shooting pains in the nipple area.  Random feelings of not quite nausea, but definite ickiness, usually after I eat.  Still getting pretty pink lines when I POAS (nope, haven't stopped).

Cravings: I don't know that they're genuine pregnancy cravings yet, but I'm loving bruschetta and pasta.

Aversions: My normal medium rare steak needs to be a little closer to medium than normal for me to avoid the icky feeling.

Sleep: Like a rock.  And I love me some naps on the weekends.

I am loving: That my beta levels more than doubled last week, and that we get to tell Husband's parents this weekend.

I miss: Raw sushi, red wine (but it's totally worth it!)

I am looking forward to: Our first ultrasound September 19th!

I'm spazzing about: General worry about miscarrying again.

Best thing about this week: Telling my parents about the baby

Milestones: Making it to 5 weeks!

Movement: Nada

It's a...: No idea yet


  1. Can't wait to see the parent reveal pics!

  2. Congratulations.. how are you feeling now. hope you are enjoying with your pregnancy.