Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday randoms

1.  I'm going to go see The Help next week.  I read the book last year and was waiting for a friend to finish the book so we could see the movie together.  I really liked the book but the previews for the movie aren't sucking me in.  Still hoping it's good!

2.  I joined Birchbox (let me know if you want a referral link) last month and am excited to get my second box this month!  I'm hoping for more makeup products in this box and less face creams/ washes/ serums.  Pregnancy horomones have made me reluctant to veer far from my current skin routine. 

3.  I just discovered Bluum, which is basically Birchbox but for moms and babies.  I haven't joined yet, because they're super new and didn't have an example of what to expect in a box, but I'm intrigued.

4. My first ultrasound is in 11 days!!!

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