Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Maternity photo prep

I just ordered 3 maxi dresses from Target (with plans to return at least one, maybe two) in hopes of finding the right dress for maternity photos. We're taking the photos at the end of March, and I'm hoping it will be uncharacteristically warm, as it has been all season), since all three dresses are short sleeved. I plan on using the images in the nursery, so I picked pink, teal and yellow dresses- may have overthought that one haha.

My main concern is fit- none of the dresses are maternity, but I didn't see any maternity dresses from there that I liked, and I wanted to try to find something reasonably priced before going to a more expensive store. I'll probably pick another outfit as well, but here are the dresses I ordered.


  1. I am loving them all -- but order of preference, just the way they are shown: #1: Fuschia! #2: The blue #3: The yellow...which might be really fun with a bright fun necklace! Can't wait to hear which one you decide on!

  2. They are all great dresses! You could also check out its like but maternity dresses!