Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dear Emersyn: One Month


Part of me can't believe it's already been a month since you were born.  The other part of me is beyond aware that I haven't slept for longer than a few hours at a time in a month haha.  You are definitely worth it though- even when it's the 6th time in an hour that I'm up with you, you look into my eyes and my heart just melts.

I think you're starting to figure out who I am, and it's so exciting to me.  The other day we were dealing with your diaper rash and you were just in tears and I scooped you up and rocked you while telling you that you were safe, mommy had you, and you stopped crying and just looked at me with those big blue (for now) eyes.  It was like you recognized me and felt safe in my arms and I knew it was my responsibility to keep you safe and happy.

It's amazing how much you've changed in a month- you have so much more control over your head and body now, you seem a lot more "baby" than infant already.  You weigh 10 lbs and have the sweetest, chunky legs, arms, and neck.  I could just gobble you up!

We've had a very exciting month- your Daddy graduated from Pharmacy school and we had your dedication at church.  You were such an awesome baby through these important occasions, I was so proud of you!  You just slept like a trooper!

Speaking of sleeping, we're still working on getting some kind of schedule going.  You sleep the absolute best with us in our bed, but that makes Mama nervous, so we only do it on the rare occasion you're having an especially rough night and we're desperate for sleep.  We're pretty much guaranteed a good long stretch when you snuggle in with us.  I can't tell if it's because you like to be close to us, or if it's because you don't like to be swaddled, or because when you sleep with us you sleep on your side (and love it).  We've tried letting you sleep unswaddled in your crib, and you usually roll to your side there too, but you just don't sleep as soundly in there unswaddled.

 You're still nursing really well, and we gave you a bottle for the first time at 3.5 weeks, and you did great with that!  You looked at your Daddy like he'd been holding out on you, it was so cute!  Since then you've had a few and you do really well with them.  I love that we have that as an option for you so Daddy and I can go on some dates.

You also LOVE your pacifier and you get the funniest look on your face when we give it to you- your eyes get really big and you just chomp on it like it's the best thing in the whole world.

I love you so much, Emersyn, and I love being your mama.


  1. I love the pics and the quilt for the background is fantastic! I have to admit I love the fact that S takes her bottle too- I actually went and got my hair done yesterday- felt like a new person! I can't believe all her hair too- every baby that I know that has been born recently had a full head of hair :) Perfect for bows!

  2. Oh my goodness she is just gorgeous!
    I can't believe it's been a month already!

  3. She's perfect friend :) Love to hear your sweet mommy words! Hard to believe that about 12 years ago we were sitting in your basement coming up with our "must have" lists for future husbands...and now we are both to this point in our lives. I love you!

  4. she is SO adorable and chunky! I love it. A whole month already??

  5. SO SWEET! It seems like yesterday we were emailing about conception stuff!
    I remember those nights where I gave up and laid in the guest room with Logan because I knew he would sleep at least 4 hours next to me. I was so sore b/c I wouldn't even move for fear of rolling on him.