Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Randoms

~I still read all my favorite blogs, thanks to google reader on my iPhone during nursing sessions, but I have become a semi-slacker about commenting, because I can't do it from google reader one handed.  So, when I get on the computer, I find myself commenting on posts from bloggie friends that are days (or weeks) old.  Is that weird?  Should I just not comment on those posts?

~Emersyn has slept for 5 hour stretches 3 nights this week.  The other nights she was up every couple hours (or more), but those nights give me hope!  I think the longer stretches are directly related to a reduction in gas issues for E, which I THINK is related to me increasing how often I'm burping her.  I feel like an idiot that it took me this long to figure it out, but everything I was reading said that even for an overactive letdown, I should be burping her between breasts or after 5-7 minutes. Well, she only takes one breast in a feeding, and sometimes only nursed for 7 minutes, so I was just burping her after a feeding.  But, I could hear her gulping air early on, so I started burping her every couple minutes, and I think it's helping!  Not only is she sleeping better (sometimes), but she's also SO much happier during the day, and again, I feel horrible it took me so long to do this, but better late than never, right?!?

~Speaking of being a horrible mom, my baby STILL has that stupid diaper rash.  She's had it since Mother's Day, which means it's going on 6 weeks!  Per the pediatrician, we switched to cloth wipes (I bought grapefruit seed extract to add to the wash so we're not reinfecting her, instead of the bleach), we tried over the counter anti-fungal cream and Desitin, then we moved on to a prescription anti-fungal, and a special compounded cream (which was not covered by insurance gahhh), and as of yesterday the dr prescribed a NEW anti-fungal since it's STILL not gone.  We've spent over $150 on prescriptions and creams trying to get rid of it.  It will get down to just a few bumps between her cheeks for a few days, and then all of a sudden will flare up again.  We've also had lots of naked time.
I'm so glad I took home a waterproof pad from the hospital for this very reason.  She hangs out on this thing for about an hour a day- which is how long it take for it to no longer be dry, as yesterday she pooped on it 3 times and peed on it twice in that hour.  The doctor said if this last prescription doesn't clear it up in a couple of days to come back in because it may be strep or staph.  Yup, mom of the year right here.  At least she still seems to be reaching developmental milestones fast- look at her holding her head up like a champ!  PS I don't actually know when she's supposed to be hitting those milestones, I just choose to believe she's advanced:)

~Good news- we found a new house in the town we're moving to, and we're putting a bid in today! Bad news- it will be contingent on our house selling (another showing today), and hubs getting licensed (he's scheduled his tests for OK, but still hasn't gotten his approval to test for MO, which is SO ANNOYING, because we can't move until he's licensed in MO, but starting in July, he'll be working up there full time).

~When hubs is working in MO, his brother and SIL have generously allowed him to stay with them, which is a huge blessing.  They've also said E and I can stay with them, and we'll be doing that some, but we really want to just get moved up there because everyone needs their own space, and we'd really prefer that his bro and SIL still like us by the time this summer is over haha.

~The house we're bidding on is, umm, above of our original price range, but after looking at a lot of houses, and watching the market for months, we decided to increase our budget, which means it will take longer to pay off those pesky student loans.  It was a hard decision, because we're pretty comfortable in the house we're in now (which is much smaller and less expensive than the house we're bidding on), but we also plan to be in our next home for a long time, and hope to add at least one more kiddo to the mix (possibly 2 or 3 more, eek!) and don't want to outgrow a house in a couple of years.  That being said, we're putting in a pretty low bid, and hoping that they accept it since its been on the market for a year and a half!

~My dad's cancer is B-Cell Lymphoma.  It is very aggressive, and at least Stage 3.  He is being referred to Mayo Clinic.  Continued prayers are very much appreciated.


  1. Same thing happened to us! We had to increase our budget to be happy too.
    Damn it!

    Praying for Dad!

  2. Prayer for your dad!

    My friend's daughter had a terrible diaper rash that was so bad it would bleed. :-( They went through 4 different creams, switching diapers, wipes, etc. to no relief. Finally after trying everything, her mother said to try a specific powder that she had used on my friend 30 years ago! It worked- the rash cleared up immediately. Not sure if you have a Walgreens out by you, but that's where she gets it. It's call Caldesene baby.

    Good luck!

  3. I just found it on Amazon.

  4. So sorry to hear about your dad! I will keep him and your whole fam in my prayers. You are not a terrible mom! I'm sure these things just take time to learn/understand. Lord knows I'm going to have to have patience with myself come October when we have a new bundle.. Try not to be so hard on yourself :) you're doing great and Emersyn is your biggest fan!

  5. Prayers for your dad. I know how hard/stressful that is. My heart goes out to you.

    Also, you're definitely not a terrible mom!!!! Can you imagine starting a new job without having someone training you? That's what every new mom goes through. (Remind me of this advice later ;) You're doing great and definitely doing all you can for your sweet baby!!

  6. You have learned a valuable thing about motherhood: We don't always figure things out right away, it takes time and trial & error. I went through a LOT of similar things w/Morgan (and still do! whether now it be teething or whatever). E is so lucky to have you as a mama, who continues to try to make her comfortable ; ) I'm in LOVE with all her hair too! Your dad will be in the BEST hands at Mayo -- that's where I came from -- and it really is one of the most amazing healthcare facilities in the world. Good luck with the house stuff, hopefully it will all be over with soon!

  7. Lori I am so sorry to hear about your Dad! I will add him to my prayer list. I love the nakey picture of Emersyn. Her little full head of hair is just too cute. My Emerson has had a yeast rash on and off for about 6 months now. We use an anti-fungal cream when it flares up but our doctor said that it may just be something that she deals with because they are so hard to get rid of.

  8. Hey ! First off your dad is seriously in my prayers!

    S has slept the past three nights amazing too! She goes down anywhere from between 10:30-12pm and sleep still about 5:30am then goes back down for another hour or so from 6:30-8am... I feel like a whole new person! I can actually "think" about working out now lol

    I can't wait to see what house you guys move into- I love it when my friends are house hunting.. for some reason I love to search on lol

    I feel the same way about blog commenting... Its just enough to get through reading all my blog favorites

  9. Still praying for your dad.

    And E's hair is amazing! I thought Cece had a lot, but wow. Hope the diaper rash clears soon---SO annoying.