Friday, July 19, 2013

Well hello there!

Apparently I decided to take a little hiatus from blogging.  Actually, I just kept telling myself I'd get back to it tomorrow, and then another day would pass with no blogging.  Oh well.  I guess we've just been enjoying life, even if it wasn't as well documented as I might like.  Catch up starts now...

E is now a little over 14 months.  Her 13th month brought two big changes- walking and weening!  Weening was very easy over here- extremely gradual.  E was down to two feeds a day when the hubs and I had a date night and I decided not to do a dreamfeed that night.  I figured if she woke hungry that would be a sign that she wasn't ready to drop that feed, but she slept the whole night and just like that we were down to once a day, in the mornings.  Just about a week later she only wanted to take one side in the morning, so I stretched that out for a week until she hit 13 months.  I knew she was ready, and a big part of me was as well.  She loves solids, whole milk, and water and we still get lots of snuggle time in, so that chapter has closed.

Walking is exciting stuff! She took a couple steps in April, showed no interest for several weeks, but then one day in May we had lots of steps, then the next day even more, and so on.  The big turning point though was when Emersyn and I went to visit my brother and sis-in-law in Kentucky at the end of June, and they have a daughter 3 months older than E.  Watching her walk was like a light bulb in Emersyn's head- she was like wait, I can do this full time?  She's pretty steady, but sometimes gets going a little too fast and takes a tumble.

Our visit to Kentucky also helped us transition to one nap a day from about noon- 2:30 ish. Sometimes she just takes a 2 hour nap, sometimes its 3.5 hrs.  Goes down for the night around 7:30pm, up for the day between 7 & 7:30am.  Sleep.Is.Awesome.

Other than these big milestones, E has also added several words to her vocabulary.  She can say Mama, Dada, doggie, shoe, car, bath, diaper, cat, and understands lots of other words.  She can point out her nose, ears, mouth and eyes.

Also while we were in Kentucky, Emersyn started playing pretend with a tea set.  Her aunt and uncle gifted her with her very own set when we left and we've been having pretend tea parties ever since.  This felt like a big milestone to me, because it's one of the things I was most looking forward to when we found out Emersyn was a girl.

We've added several teeth over the last couple of months too- she now has her two bottom front teeth, top four front teeth, and four molars!  In general she has done amazingly well with teething (I think her amber teething necklace really does help), however, three of her molars came in at the same time and it was miserable- for all involved.  So glad that has passed.

E is extremely curious, and gets into everything.  We've childproofed a lot, and it feels like I'm constantly cleaning up one mess after another, but ehhh we're just at that stage.  Thankfully nothing she's gotten into so far has gotten her hurt or been extremely valuable.
Emersyn's favorite things include- exploring, playing with blocks, mama's cell phone (she's figured out how to unlock it), eating, peek-a-boo, being tickled, and playing with water.  

I know I've forgotten a lot of stuff (that's what happens when I don't blog regularly), but that's a quick catch up to where we are now.

It's hard to believe the summer is already half over.  Next week the hubs and I leave for a vacation to Mexico without Emersyn.  I know we'll miss her, but I'm also really excited to get some quality time in with Blake and fully relax!

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  1. Welcome back girl! Loved this update on your little lady---what a fun time!