Friday, August 9, 2013

Vacation to Mexico!

Since Emersyn was born, Blake and have taken her on vacation with us to Maine, and I took her with me to Florida.  While both of these trips were great, we figured out something important on them- for us to have a true, relaxing vacation, it would need to be without E.  We look forward to the day that we take more trips with her (and future kiddos, God willing), but we also want to make sure we continue to take time to enjoy our relationship without kids.  Hence, our vacation to Mexico, without Emersyn.  My parents came to our house to watch E, and Blake and I jetted off for 5 days and 4 nights at Secrets Capri on the Riviera Maya.

Our past vacations have been jam packed with lots of sightseeing, but on our first day there we talked about what we really hoped to accomplish on this trip, and our main goal was relaxation.  So, we nixed excursions in favor of massages (plural), ate ourselves into a stupor, and enjoyed lots of time at the pool and the beach.  I read three books, we ordered room service, and we participated in a few activities around the resort.

We booked a couple's massage package, and had two 80 minute massages.  The first was at the spa (which I have no pictures of because we locked our cameras in the lockers), and we did their hydrotherapy circuit first, then had our massages, then had wine and chocolate covered strawberries in the jacuzzi.  The second massage was on the beach.  Fabulous.

The food was the main reason we picked this resort- it's a "gourmet" all inclusive.  Overall we were extremely impressed.  I seriously gained abut 7 lbs, and all of our meals were multiple courses, then supplemented with snacks like ceviche and calamari by the pool.  Mmmm.  There's a reason that food made up the majority of my pictures.

We played giant chess (we're nerds), Blake participated in a wing eating challenge (he had to eat 6 Habenero wings, and 4 Ghost pepper wings) and won another massage (so he had 3 total), and there were a few shows put on by the resort.

We also took a cab into Playa Del Carmen and did some shopping.

We stopped to pick up some aloe and I had to get a pic of the hubs in a Mexican pharmacy.

We love Emersyn, but we love each other too, and it was great to enjoy time for just us.  I was super nervous to leave Emersyn, but she did awesome with my parents, and I definitely see a few more kid free trips in our future.


  1. Ahhhhh, I felt more relaxed just reading this! Such a good call to go just the two of you. Can't WAIT to do the same (after I finish up gestating and nursing this in, like, a year and a half?!?). ;). Love the pharmacy pic, too. ;)

  2. Yes. I am freaking jealous and you guys look adorable. Love it!