Friday, August 30, 2013

E (and Mama) Loves: nearly 16 month edition

I've done a few other posts like this, newborn, at 3 months, and 10 months, and it's so handy to have a list to look back on whenever I'm asked what are must have items for a baby registry.  Granted, different babies like different things, but here are some of our "can't live withouts" at almost 16 months.

1. Baby Bjorn Bib- $11.95
Already posted about this one, but we still LOVE it. Yes, this is an expensive bib, but it's the ONLY one we use.  We used to use a variety of bibs, but I got sick of doing bib laundry, plus lots of food ended up on E anyway.  We just wash this bib after every use and it's good to go for the next time.  Also, the pouch catches extra food and she loves reaching in there and getting the food she's "saved" for later.

2. Baby Proofing Items- Various prices
Safety First Magnetic Locking System- we use this only on our under the sink cabinet which holds all of our cleaners.  We wanted something extra secure for that area, so we were willing to splurge a bit on these.
KidCo Spring Action Cabinet Lock- we use these on all of our other cabinets.  They're actually easier for us to get into, and so far they keep Emersyn out, but I'm guessing she'll figure them out eventually, which is why we went with something uber difficult for the cleaning products.
Mommy's Helper Toilet Lock- E likes to play in water.  There is water in a toilet bowl.  We don't want her playing in that water.  Duh.
Prince Lionhart Fireplace Guard- Because I don't need E falling into our fireplace and gouging her eye out.

3. Britax Marathon 70 Convertible Carseat- $289.99, but it's often on sale for $75 cheaper
This carseat is really highly rated for safety, plus I had several friends recommend it, so when it was time to upgrade E, this is the one we chose.

3. Fisher Price Peek-a-blocks- $15.94
These were actually a hand me down from Emersyn's cousins, the oldest of which is 8 years old, so I know these have held up really well over the years.  She loves them, and gets to practice taking things out of a box and putting them back, and stacking.  These are actually the first toys  E learned to put away.

4. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop- $19.99

Emersyn loves electronics.  Seriously, she can already unlock my iPhone.  She's obsessed with our phones, computers, and remotes.  Now, we definitely try to encourage books and more educational toys, but right now E likes anything that makes noise, and maybe someday she's destined to be the next Steve Jobs.

5. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Say Please Tea Set- $18.99

When Emersyn started playing with this is was a big "I love having a girl" moment for me.  It's her first real playing pretend toy, and I love seeing her use her imagination.

6. Stride- to- Ride Learning Walker- $63.95

Full disclosure- my Mom bought this at a garage sale for E for $4.  I would have a hard time paying full price for this, now that I see what it cost, but she really does love it.  I do think it helped her learn to walk, and she is now starting to ride it.  Can't steer worth a darn, but we're getting there.

7. Step 2 Easy Turn Coupe- $59.99
Emersyn's is pink, but this is one of those toys we've had to remove from the house and only play with at certain times because she drives me crazy wanting to play with it all.the.time.  Which would be fine if she was big enough to get in and out of it and use it herself, which she is not, yet.

8. Puzzles, books, and anything that makes noise.  Extra points for puzzles and books that make noise.

So obviously we're moving a lot more into toys than gear as must haves.  E's just a lot more into playing these days, which I do not mind one bit!  What are your toddler must haves?

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  1. We have the same carseat for D and have been happy with it, and you're right about those bibs. Worth it!!