Saturday, August 11, 2012

E (and Mama) Loves: Three Month Edition

 1. Halo Sleepsack Swaddle- $24.99
I had one of these in newborn size before E was born and that lasted her until she was right around 2.5 months, then I bought another in a size small.  I lurve it.  It is heavier than the Aden and Anais blankets, so we have to turn our air down at night to keep E cool, but the positives outweigh the negatives.  Positives being- the sleepsack underneath is separate from the swaddle, so I can put E in it before actually wrapping her arms, which means I'm not waking her up to get her legs in something, like with the Swaddleme, which we used for awhile as well.  

2. Baby Bjorn- $79.99
We also have a Moby wrap, but this is better as E grows.  We've only used it a few times, but I can see us using it a lot more as she gets older.  We got ours at a consignment store for $14, and I highly recommend looking at second hand stores before paying full price.

3. Medela Swing Breast Pump- $143.99
Originally I thought I wanted a double electric pump, but since I'm not returning to work, and only need to pump on occasion, I decided I didn't need to spend the extra cash, and I've been really happy with this pump.  This might be TMI, but I actually like to use my hand to help express milk while I pump, so even if I had a double, I think I would have only used one side at a time, so this is perfect for me.  It's also a lot smaller than the double, which makes it more portable.

4. Reasor's Online Grocery Shopping- $5

This isn't a baby item, but it's awesome when you have a baby.  Reasor's is a local grocery store here in town, but I'm sure other places offer this service as well (I've already made sure the town we'll be moving to has a store that does).  For $5, I shop online, call to say I'm 10 minutes away, and get my groceries brought to my car, without having to get E out of the car or worry about her having a meltdown in the store.  It's also great because I can see my total as I add things to my virtual cart, which makes it a lot easier for me to NOT purchase things I don't need (pretty sure I save way more than $5 this way).  There's also a whole section of specials for the week, and I can see what I've purchased in the past to make my shopping go quicker.

5. BOB Revolution Stroller- $469.00 but shop around, it's often on sale for less than $350
Ah the great stroller debate.  I originally planned on BOB, then when into a baby store and got myself all confused.  In the end, we went with our original plan, and I'm glad we did.  Our big debate was if we should go ahead and get a double, but since we aren't sure when we want to try for a second kiddo, the single is what we really needed and we'll explore a double stroller when we have another kiddo.  It is SO easy to maneuver, to set up and break down, we're just really happy with it.  


  1. OMG I wish we had that grocery service! I've been looking around, since I live in a fairly large metropolis and so far, no luck. Ah well...Great picks!

  2. I have the Bjorn in hot pink!! And I have the double-pump but I only use one at a time cause I too like to "help" my girls out *HAHA*

  3. Good call on getting a single BOB for now---the double would be WAY too big and bulky for just one baby. Our double is great for two kids but I would never ever elect to use it for just one. It's a beast !! Might as well live it up with the single as long as you can:) And we kept our single when we got our double and I still use both quite a bit. Yes, a lot of money on two different strollers, but worth it!