Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Randoms

I promise I haven't fallen off the face of the planet, but as I said, we sold our house (yay!) and it has been a busy time with lots of packing, last get togethers with friends here in town, errands etc.

  • Emersyn is rolling over!  She only rolls to her left, from her back to her belly, and then gets stuck, but man is it cute!  It does make be super nervous for her sleeping at night- I'm not swaddling her anymore, and as soon as she gets laid down she rolls onto her side, and I worry about her cutting off the circulation to her arm, or suffocating.  You know, normal mommy worries.
  • Packing is in full swing!  We ran out of boxes, but are getting more in a few days, so that should be what we need to get all finished!
  • We booked our anniversary trip to Portland, Maine in September!  So very excited for this getaway!  I'm nervous about traveling with a baby, so if anyone has any good info for me, I'm all ears.  I did check with the airline and we can check her carseat and stroller for free, and we've rented a car there, and our hotel room will have a crib- what else do I need to be aware of?  Or, if you've traveled to Maine, anything we need to plan on doing/ seeing?
  • My dad is having his 3rd round of chemo today.  Originally their plan was to do the first round at Mayo clinic then go back home for the others, but he's had LOTS of complications (as they thought he might), so they've decided to do all of his treatments there and just moved from the extended stay hotel into a house.  I think Emersyn and I will try to go visit them in October or November.
Lots going on, hence the lack of blogging, but I'm really hoping once we get all moved and settled that I can be more consistent about posting.  


  1. So sorry your dad is facing this battle. He is lucky to have a daughter like you (and the best medicine of all...Emersyn!) :) Have fun in Maine! That's on my to-visit list... :)

  2. Go E! So exciting that she is old enough to roll. Best of luck on the move and prayers to your dad!

  3. My prayers are with your dad... my dad had cancer a few years back and its always tough to deal with no matter what the prognosis.

    That is so exciting you are going to Portland! I have family there:) I will try to get with them and see if there is any must sees while there or good spots to eat.

    p.s. I love seeing videos of E!

  4. Emersyn is so adorable in your video! Love that face :-) Prayers for you and your family!