Monday, August 27, 2012


We are moving in three days.  I'm sitting here in the house that made us homeowners, that saw us through late nights of studying for Blake, and growing a photography business for me.  It's hosted friends for football parties, and family for holiday dinners.  The house is where we got our first positive pregnancy test, and where we found out we'd never meet that baby.  It is Emersyn's first home.  It saw me through morning noon and night sickness, watched my bump grow and grow, and finally, welcomed our sweet little girl into her nursery.  

E is sleeping down the hall right now, and I'm surrounded by boxes.  I know our new house will be a wonderful home, but part of me is sad to be leaving.  We have wonderful friends here, a fabulous church family, and we've grown a lot as a couple and as a family over the past few years.

Excited to leave, but sad to go.. how's that for a confusing feeling?


  1. Many more wonderful memories to come.. think of it as a fresh start and a fun new beginning!

  2. Bittersweet for sure. Best of luck on the move and unpacking!!!