Monday, January 30, 2012

A baby does not NEED a $600 stroller.

But that's what Mama wants. Because Mama is crazy. Dangit. WHY do I have such expensive taste?

Here are our top three picks for strollers.

1. The BOB Revolution- $449
This was the one item we went in to register for that we were SURE we wanted. I'd heard awesome reviews on it, we'd tried it out before in the store, and my brother and SIL have a double BOB that they'd be willing to trade for a single when we have another kiddo (they have a 2.5 year old who will most likely outgrow it in a few years). I pictured myself as the cool, jogging mama.

Then I woke up and realized I don't jog. And the double BOB is a side-by-side, which seems like it would be a little difficult to maneuver doing what I'd actually use a stroller for... shopping at Target. Plus, what if you have the double side by side but you occasionally only take one of the kids out? You're stuck with a two seater with only one kiddo and I think that looks weird (personal preference). So I decided I wanted a stroller that had the option of adding a second seat in a few years, and had a bigger basket down below for any odds and ends I might pick up (Target goodies). This led us to the...

2. Baby Jogger City Select- $499 for the single, to add a second seat is another $160. Gahhh.
This baby is pretty darn sweet as far as double stroller go. It's the inline style, and look at all the fun setups you can do! It has a big basket underneath and is still a fairly smooth ride- though not as smooth as the BOB. And, it's not a jogging stroller, obviously. This is where I lost Hubby. He also sees himself as the cool jogging daddy and yes, he actually DOES run. However, I asked him how often he was going to actually run with the baby, because if it's anything close to how often he runs with our lab (who he was so excited to run with when we got him) it was not worth investing in a jogging stroller and sacrificing the option of adding another seat in a few years. All this talk led us to this stroller...

3. Mountain Buggy Plus One- $649 (but can be found for $625 and includes the second seat AND a coocoon for bebe)

Holy expensive batman. But seems to do an awesome job of combining what hubby wants with what I want. The downside is, it's not carried in any local stores, so we haven't gotten a chance to actually look at it or try it in person, which I feel is pretty paramount when you're talking about this kind of moolah. I like that it's the inline style, and I like that we can add a second seat in a few years, without being married to the second seat. Reviews have said it's comparable to drive as the BOB, which is awesome, we just need to try it in person and decide if we really want to spend this kind of money on a stroller.


  1. Oh girl- I totally feel you on this! The really cute, high quality baby stuff is just so freaking expensive. I never even thought about buying a single stroller that can eventually accommodate two! That is smart thinking. Good luck making a decision. I am definitely no help because it takes me forever to make a decision! :)

  2. Um, if your SIL lived near me I would give anything to trade her my single BOB for her double!!!

    But yes, they are all expensive. If you don't jog, you really don't *need* one of these bad boys. We do run and therefore our BOB has been a lifesaver, but really---you can definitely get by without. Just one of the first lessons you will have to learn about need vs want when it comes to baby girl. It's so hard to draw the line!

  3. Hi! Love your blog and am so happy you are pregnant :)

    Your hubby says he wants to be able to jog with the baby. But, if hubby jogs and you do not... why wouldn't the baby just stay with you while he goes for a run, and he could take the dog out instead? Just wondering if he would jog with her enough to make up for the expensive price tag!

    Good luck decision-making! :)

  4. That Baby Jogger option looks cool!

  5. We have the Baby Jogger City Mini, it's around $250 and you can buy a bar to convert it to hold the infant carrier. I love this stroller and it folds with one hand an isn't heavy. It will be the only stroller we need because it will take him until he no longer needs one.

  6. We have the single Bob Revolution and really love it! My hubby is a runner, but I am not, and we both use it equally. I love it's ease of use for trips to the zoo/mall, etc. The downside, like you said, is that now that we're expecting #2 we're in the market for a double stroller. But I think the Bob will still get a lot of use because J will still use it for running with one kiddo, and I will probably use it a lot in the beginning with the baby in the Moby Wrap. Pretty sure my heart is set on the Baby Jogger City Mini Double for this round!

  7. Did you get a chance to try out the Mountain Buggy +one and is it a true jogging stroller?


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