Thursday, January 19, 2012


My mama is going to come stay with me next week so we can get in some mother daughter time- I'm excited! I'm trying to figure out stuff we can do at night after I get off work that will be fun but not too exhausting.

I'm 95% sure we have settled on a new name, but since we have already switched once, I think we're still going to wait until she's born to 100% decide.

My ob appointment went well yesterday- baby girl's heartbeat was 142 and she's measuring in at 1lb 8 oz!

Speaking of baby girl, she really likes to nestle low in my pelvis, and then it feels like she starts to stretch out. Owww.

I need a new pillow, but I can't decide if I want to invest in a Snoogle, or just get a new pillow that will last beyond pregnancy.

We're registering this weekend and I'm excited to check it off our list, but still a little overwhelmed at all the stuff out there for babies. Also a tad bit worried about how Husband will react to the idea of all this stuff taking over our house. Eeek.

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