Monday, January 2, 2012

Letter to Lydia

Dear Lydia,

The Holidays are (nearly) over- tomorrow your daddy starts a new rotation that will have him home only on weekends, and I head back to work. Our Christmas time was filled with lots of family, and food, and travel. It was a wonderful last Christmas as a family of two, but it made us so excited for next year. Lots of people wanted to feel you move in my belly, and while you were nice enough to give everyone at least one kick, it's nowhere near the amount that you move on a regular basis. I love that I get to feel every one of your kicks:)

Your Daddy put together your dresser yesterday- it looks great! We are turning my photography studio into your nursery, and hadn't planned on doing it for a few more months, but everything we've gotten for you has had to go in there and there wasn't really room for shoots, so we decided to go ahead and clear out my photography stuff and start assembling your room. I think it's going to become my favorite room in the house:)

It's so strange to think that you're arriving this year- we are so excited to meet you!