Wednesday, December 28, 2011

21 Weeks!

How big is the baby this week: Baby is the size of a banana

Due Date: May 8, 2012

Weight Gain: Up 8lbs total so far.

Symptoms: Heartburn and the belly.

Cravings: Milk, pickles, sushi, guacamole, steak

Aversions: Nothing major.

Sleep: Sleeping pretty well, just have to keep a pillow between my knees.

I am loving: Feeling baby move! Ordering things for the nursery.

I miss: raw sushi and a good Bloody Mary.

I am looking forward to: Working on the nursery.

I'm spazzing about: Feeling like there's really not that much time until she comes, and we still have a lot to do.

Best thing about this week: Being off work, spending time with my family.

Milestones: Ordered the crib!

Movement: I know eventually her kicks will probably hurt, but right now I LOVE them!

It's a...: GIRL!!!!


  1. Love it. Love that I'm up 8 pounds at just 18 weeks, too---you skinny minny!!

  2. Saw this crib sheet and thought of your nursery painting!