Thursday, December 22, 2011

How Lydia got her name

Husband and I have been discussing names for over a year, and while we agreed on a boy name, we couldn't agree on a girl name. We had a name for quite awhile and then some friends of ours used it and we were on the hunt for a new name. I would have a favorite, and by the time hubby came around to it I had talked myself out of it. Before giving Lydia her name, my top favorites were Clara and Lydia and hubby's were Emerson and Ainsley.

Going into our anatomy scan on the 12th, I was hardcore Clara if it was a girl, which hubby didn't like at all. In one of her pictures, she was holding her thumb and finger in the shape of an L and that evening I jokingly said to Hubby that maybe she had heard all of our choices and wanted her name to be Lydia. He said, "Well, I like Lydia." Umm what? Pretty sure I had thrown that name out there several times and he had NOT bitten. I asked him if he liked it enough to name her that and he said he wasn't quite ready to commit. He still liked Emerson, and I suggested Lydia Emerson (we had previously said we liked Grace for a middle name).

On December 15, I came home to Hubby wrapping presents and he immediately said, "There are presents under the tree for you, you should go look." I was hungry (shocker) so I started on dinner instead. Several promptings later, I did indeed go investigate what was under the tree for me.


  1. Omigosh, that's so cute, I could cry!

  2. The picture of the present just makes me want to go, "Awww...."

  3. such a sweet story and I also love your second choice, Clara. It's been on my girl list for a couple of years now! Lydia is a very lucky lady to have you two as parents.

  4. What a sweet story- and what a sweet hubby you have!