Thursday, December 15, 2011

Letter to my baby girl

Dear Baby Girl,

It feels unreal to finally be able to write Baby Girl after months of thinking that's what you were without any actual confirmation. Mama's intuition was right! Your daddy and I really would have been happy either way, but I quickly allowed myself to imagine all the hair bows and tea parties and the girly nursery I have planned and now I can't imagine you as anything but a little girl! Your daddy wants to get you a pink fishing pole, and last night he said it was important for us to get a land line in our next house since he won't allow you to have a cell phone until you're 25. He's going to be an awesome dad!

I went from unable to feel you at all to feeling you every single day over Thanksgiving. Now it seems you are most active when I eat and when I'm in the car. We had Rockin' Christmas at our church last Sunday and you LOVED the music. Maybe you'll be a dancer (ballet, not exotic, please)? Feeling you move is the absolute highlight of my day and sometimes I will drink orange juice or eat a snack just in hopes that you'll move around for me. Your daddy has only gotten to feel you move once, it seems as soon as he puts his hand on my belly you calm down and stop kicking. I wonder if this means he'll have the magic touch when you're cranky?

Now that we know you're a girl I am desperate to give you a name. I'm not going to lie, I've already started calling you the name I think we'll settle on, so I really hope that's what we go with haha. Your father has helpfully suggested Bonanza or Gunsmoke- I'm thinking he needs his naming rights revoked.

We were out to dinner last night, discussing you (of course) and talked about needing to register. We both agreed it will be even harder than doing our wedding registry because instead of thinking about what WE like, and what WE want, we'll be worrying about what YOU will like and want, plus the added concern about what will be safest for you. This becoming a parent thing really just totally changes your perspective on life, in the best way possible. We love you so much more than I can possibly put into words, and we are so excited to meet you baby girl!


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