Saturday, May 12, 2012

E (and Mama) Loves: Baby Must Haves

1. Aden and Anais Muslin Blankets- $34.99

Yes, they are pricey, but like every other mama out there, so far, hubs and I both swear by them.  They swaddle better than anything else we have, are super soft, and are lightweight enough for our May baby.  Anything heavier and Emersyn would be way too hot.  We pair it with a short sleeve shirt or onesie, socks (when she doesn't kick them off) and a diaper and she's just the right temperature.

2. Motorola® Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5 Inch Color LCD Screen- $249.00
Also pricey- are you sensing a trend?  My parents got us this monitor, and we got the floor model, so it was $50 off, then my mama used a 20% off coupon, yay for bargains!  So far we love this monitor.  You can move it up and down and side to side from the parent unit, it monitors the room temp, and eventually we can add another camera for another little one and it will scan both rooms.

3.  iBaby Log app for iPhone- Free!
This app is on my dock thing on my iPhone because I use it to track every feeding and diaper change.  You can also log sleep, pumping, bottles, baths, medication, and a bunch of other stuff.  You think you'll remember how long she nursed and on which breast, but at 2am, you won't.  This actually times how long she nurses and then you can look at the graph to see how long she's been on each breast for a day, when the last feeding was etc.  And it logs wet and dirty diapers if you're worried about her getting enough etc.  This app means my phone is attached to me 24/7, which is also handy for pics and videos:)

4. Wubanub Pacifier- $12.95
Good heavens Lori, $13 for a pacifier?  Yup, if that's the only one your kiddo will take and she fed 19 times in the last 24 hours.  We introduced this at 1 week 1 day, WAY earlier than I thought we'd try a paci- I was in tears giving it to her (mommy guilt at it's finest), but a call from my SIL calmed me down.  E sometimes wants to nurse for less than 2 minutes at a time, so is basically just snacking or using my boob for comfort, which is fine, but it means she doesn't eat as much at regular intervals, and may not be getting the hind milk she needs.  Plus it's really frustrating and exhausting to get up every 30 minutes and settle in to nurse in the night because she awoke for some reason and have her be asleep again in less than 2 min.  I'm going to watch for nipple confusion, but so far I think this will help.

5. Fisher Price My Little Snugabunny Bouncer Seat- $59.00
Very handy if you want to get anything done other than hold your baby.

6.  Upholstered Glider Chair- various prices.
This was one of those things I really wanted for our nursery, but was way out of our budget new (this sucker is just under $1,300 including the ottoman).  Total God thing that I found one at a consignment store for $89 (!!!).  Ours is hot pink and we bought it before we even knew E was a girl (worked out well so we didn't have to recover it).  This baby is the reason E sleeps in her crib at night instead of the bassinet in our room.  It is exceedingly comfortable and easy to nurse in as opposed to getting in and out of my bed.  I can't speak for the traditional rocker gliders, but I'm a huge fan of the plushness of the fully upholstered chairs.  However, if I hadn't gotten such a good deal there's no way this would be in our nursery.  Basically, just find a comfy chair for feeding.

7. Lansinoh Cream- $9.49, Lansinoh nursing pads- $9.87.
These were recommended to me by a blog friend of mine, Hi Erin:), and so far, so good!  They gave me Medela cream in the hospital and I really like the Lansinoh better, and I haven't bothered with any other nursing pads- these contour to the breast and absorb well.

8. Super cute baby.

Emersyn enjoying products 1, 4, and 5:)


  1. I cannot get over her full head of hair! So sweet! One of the things I really wished we would have bought was a video monitor! I think we would still use it today if we had! I'm glad you were able to introduce the paci and it has helped. E took one for the first time in the hospital and it never interfered with nursing. I think it just varies from baby to baby.

  2. Love the baby reviews and she looks so sweet in her bouncer!!

  3. OMG the pacifier has saved my *boobs* from Ciara's snacking...and the oil is a MUST HAVE for any new mommy! I also use the snug bunny :) The ears are just too adorable!!

  4. Great list! Those blankets are the best, and I love the pic of your sweet girl enjoying her gear!