Monday, May 21, 2012

Update on baby, her bum, and my boobs.

We had Emersyn's 2 week check up today and got answers to a lot of questions we've been having.  Baby girl has reflux, and I have a bit of overactive letdown, which explains the gagging at my boob and the spit up, vomit and pain she's been experiencing.  We got a prescription for Zantac, and I'm going to be laying off mexican, tomatoes, peanuts and seafood.  After awhile, I'll add those foods back in to see if she still has an issue with any of them.  I had been trying to avoid dairy for the last few days as I'd read that can be a trigger, but my doctor said that's usually when one of the parents has an allergy.  Honestly, seafood will be hard for me to give up (umm sushi), but it will probably be easier to do than dairy because dairy seems to be in everything.

The overactive letdown is something I'm dealing with by nursing laying down (supposed to help the milk run out of their mouth if it's too much instead of making them gag), and by hand expressing out some of the milk before letting E nurse.  I asked if I could save this milk for us to give E when we want someone to watch her for awhile and the dr said yes (I was worried it would be too much foremilk).

It is incredibly hard to have Emersyn be in pain, especially when it seems tied to my breastmilk.  Makes me feel like a crap mom, even though I know it doesn't really mean that.  I'm really excited to have a plan and hopefully make her feel better.  Also, the dr and my SIL both said babies can't really tell sometimes when they're hungry vs when their belly is upset, so this could also explain E wanting to nurse so often.  Our dr said at this point he would not have me nurse her more often than every 2 hours, and he'd like it to be closer to 3 and 4 at night.  So would I haha, but before talking with him I felt like I was starving her by not nursing when she wanted, and now we know that's not the case (she's 9 lbs 1 oz, so nearly a full pound up from when we left the hospital).  So that's the lowdown on my boobs haha.

E also has a bit of diaper rash- we noticed it getting really bad about a week ago and it seemed to be triggered by the wipes, which our dr confirmed, so we've switched to cloth wipes.  She's doing a LOT better with those, but the rash hasn't completely cleared up so the Dr recommended something that starts with an L and I can't remember right now (hubs is on it).

We're doing the Jillian's Drawer's cloth diaper trial right now to attempt to go over to cloth diapers as well, but to be honest, I'm not sold on them right now.  I straight up bought and tried 3 different diapers (bumgenius freetime, grovia hybrid, and fuzzibunz) and so far only like the fuzzibunz.  The other two are super bulky, and take forever to dry.  The fuzzibunz has to be stuffed, and I'm not sure if it's just because of everything else going on, but right now cloth diapers just seems like a lot of extra work that I'm not crazy about.  I really want to love cloth, and hubs is being really supportive about the cloth, but it's frustrating to think you know what you want, buy it, and then realize you don't like them, AND it feels like a waste of money!

We've gotten our pics back from our birth photographer and I LOVE them- should have that posted soon!


  1. Isn't it amazing all the stuff to learn about YOUR baby. So glad you got answers to some of your questions.. we met with our lactation consultant today and I already feel so much better. Can't wait to see more pics of little E

  2. one recommendation for the diaper rash (from my pediatrician) is Boudreaux's Butt Paste (I know, great name, huh?!) - and when that doesn't clear it up, he said mix in some corn starch. That has done the trick for all three of my girls.

    hope things get easier with nursing/reflux!

  3. Glad things are looking up for you guys. Sushi will be hard for you.

  4. check out Jessica Alba's line The Honest Company. They aren't cloth diapers but they do not have the same chemicals that alot of other disposable diapers have and they are much more biodegradable.