Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finding a routine

I like to know what comes next.  And with a newborn, that's pretty hard to do.  Especially since we kind of went into parenting thinking we'd just figure it out as we went, based around E.  Well, that just made her and us me frustrated.  I looked into doing Moms on Call, and may still do it, but hesitated to spend the money when we weren't BOTH on board with it yet.  In desperation, I googled and realized that The Baby Whisperer sounded like exactly what I was looking for, and I actually already had the book, so I spent an evening devouring it and told the hubby that we NEEDED to attempt it, for my sanity's sake.

We're only a few days in, and still struggling with some of the routine, but having a plan and a goal is doing wonders for my type A self.  It's also allowing our schedule to not just revolve around making my boobs available 24/7 and we're actually acknowledging that everytime E cries doesn't necessarily mean she's hungry (duh, Lori).  Of course, I'm aware that we have a newborn, who has a personality all her own and even if she follows a routine perfectly one day doesn't mean she will the next and that's ok.  But that's what we're up to this week.  Anyone out there have much experience with The Baby Whisperer?


  1. L.O.V.E. The Baby Whisperer. Middle of the road between completely baby-led scheduling and the Ferber method. We used so many of her tips and techniques on our girlies, and they were so helpful. Absolutely love her concept of eat, awake, sleep, YOU time. And she's pretty realistic about what those first weeks should look like (although not always...I got a little frustrated when E was tiny, until I finally realized that she's her own baby with her own personality, as you wisely stated already.) Anyway, we are big fans!

  2. Please keep us all up to date on how it goes... I am getting to the point where I would love to try some different methods..

  3. We were like Erin, a little baby whisperer and a little follow-the-baby's-lead. We NEVER woke him for feedings, I just didn't think that seemed right. I mean, he already was sleeping badly at the time so waking him seemed silly! Eventually he got on a routine and it helps everyone - because when she cries, you can almost look at your watch and know what's up.
    Around 8 weeks things get easier on that front. For us, sleeping was good when he could roll and put in his own paci, but i have a friend who's 11 week old is sleeping 8 hours at night. Every baby is different!!!

  4. hang in there, mama. I didn't read the book but I hope it gives you the routine you need!! You are still 'in the trenches' so be easy on yourself, okay?

  5. I didn't think The Baby Whisperer was that helpful for the immediate newborn period. The whole "start as you mean to go on" is fairly ridiculous as long as you won't develop bad habits. Nursing your baby to sleep instead of changing her diaper afterwards can be a lifesaver.

    After a few weeks when her wake times naturally stretch out then yes, I started using EASY. Maybe around 5 weeks it was great for us. I didn't use the hourly schedule because my little girl got tired after a much shorter wake time than recommended and took (still takes) much shorter naps. Then around 11 weeks my baby girl started stretching out her time between feeds without stretching out her naps, so I stopped nursing always right when she woke up. It's been an adjustment.

    The EASY plan sounds really cool on paper, but I find that my Type A self has as much fun trying to meet my baby's needs as she needs things as following an exact routine!