Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Randoms

1. Our house has been shown twice since we dropped the price- both this week.  Hoping we get an offer soon, as that would be one less thing to worry about.

2.  Emersyn has given us a 4 hour stretch of sleep right when she first goes down for the night (around 8 or 9pm), but then she's up every two hours for the rest of the night- I don't know if it's too early to try to get those two hour stretches to 3 or 4 hours, or if I'm getting her into a habit of waking up that often.  Any ideas/ suggestions?

3. Baby girl has a diaper rash that seems to be taking a long time to clear up- what's the normal time something like that takes?  I'm wondering if it's in her cloth wipes and I need to do something extra (like some bleach) when I wash them to clear it out?

4. I'd never done laundry on anything other than cold until E arrived.  I had to look up the manual for our washer online to figure out how to do an extra rinse.  If I do need to add bleach I'll need to figure out how to do that too haha.

5. I'm excited for Hubs to start his job in June, but I'm dreading being apart.  My mom's going to come the first week, and then we're going to play it by ear depending on his schedule where E and I will be when he has to be in Missouri.

6. I got to talk to one of my blog friends on the phone yesterday (Hi Colby!) and it was so fun to chat about our birth experiences and first days of motherhood.  I love all my internet friends (as my hubby calls them).

7. We got Emersyn's birth announcements in yesterday and I should be addressing them instead of blogging haha.

8. While our house was being shown this morning we took our our Bob for a walk!


  1. 1. Yay for showings! Praying for a quick offer.
    2. Emery and Delia did the same thing when they started stretching out their sleep. That first stretch was always the longest, and then the rest of the sleep sessions gradually got longer, too. I doubt you're getting her into a habit of waking every two hours, because she is so very young still and probably needs the milk/snuggly reassurance that you're still there. I'd give it awhile, and I'll wager she starts snoozing longer chunks on her own.
    3. I'm so sorry her diaper rash persists! :( I have zero experience with cloth diapers/wipes, but I did have two little sensitive skinned babies. During those first few months, we had to use organic diapers on both girls, because the bleach in the regular brands of diapers was causing the major rash. I wonder if bleaching the wipes would make it worse?? No idea. Just a thought since our girls' rashes were caused by the harsh bleach used in regular diapers. Hmm.
    5. Russell said Blake told him all about your moving/living/traveling situation, and I'm sure glad to hear you'll have help. Again, praying for a quick resolution to it all.
    8. So cute in her stroller!

    (Sorry for the novella of a comment. ;)

  2. I wonder if something you're using (wipes, diapers, detergent perhaps) is irritating her rash and that's why it won't heal? Are you giving her some naked time to air the skin out well? My friend's son had nasty recurring diaper rashes and they had to use plain wet wash cloths. They realized he did much better in disposable diapers than his cloth diapers...not sure if you're using cloth? Anyway, just some suggestions! And I had to laugh, my Hubs calls them my "internet friends" too, lol!

  3. We always used sensitive everything when Logan was a newborn. The disposable diapers are better at whicking away moisture so you may try a small package of the Pampers Sensitive for a little while. Naked time always does help, too. We use Aquaphor when Logan has a persistent rash and it seems to help the most. That or Dr. Smiths.

  4. We're using disposable diapers until the rash clears, but have been using the cloth wipes since we noticed the rash appear and the disposable wipes seemed to be irritating her bum. I ordered some Grapefruit Seed Extract to add to the wash for her wipes to try to kill anything that might be lingering on them- bleach was a little intimidating to me and I read that it's not as effective as the GSE.

    Going to give her some naked bum time today as well- thank you all for your suggestions!!!