Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The countdown is on!

I had my last OB appointment before Emersyn arrives today.  I am 1.5 cm dilated and 80% effaced.  Those cervical checks hurt!  I'm really hoping the nurse we had last Saturday is working this Friday because her checks hurt way less than my Dr's.  But, other than painful cervical checks I'm pretty much in love with my Dr, so oh well.

E is measuring at 8 lbs 3 oz,  but this is just an estimate.  I'm really eager to see what she actually weighs, and looks like, and acts like etc.  I am slightly terrified of an induction, and labor in general, but very, very ready to meet my daughter!  I asked my dr today what the plan was for the induction, as I think there's a few ways for them to go about it.  She is planning on us coming in at 5am, starting Pitocin, and she'll come check on me fairly early and break my water.  Ummm, wow, not really what I was expecting, as I thought they waited awhile before breaking the water, and that makes me feel like there's a deadline to get this baby out, but I trust my dr.

Since this pregnancy is close to ending, and I feel like I've had a few negative posts about the aches and pains, I wanted to share what I've loved about being pregnant.

-Telling people we were pregnant- so much fun!
-Watching my belly grow, I mean, it could have slowed down a bit here at the end, but in general, it's pretty fascinating to see your body change to house another human.
-The feel of my flat belly button- all smooth and weird.
-The way Blake would text me and ask how his ladies are doing today.
-The fact that even when her movements are uncomfortable, I'm the only person that gets to feel
-Being able to be entertained by her acrobatics for hours at a time.
-Eating ice cream before dinner at times and not feeling guilty about it.
-Dressing my bump and feeling cute since my pregnancy clothes are probably more stylish than my non maternity wardrobe.
-Dreaming about, planning, and finishing her nursery.
-Connecting with other moms, in real life and on the internets:)
-Bawling my eyes out when we found out she was a girl and my mommy intuition was right.
-Having an excuse to ask for back rubs and foot rubs.  I've shown restraint though- I definitely wanted more than I asked for.
-Dreaming with Blake about what she'll be like.


  1. Good memories. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm stalking you!!! Hoping little Emersyn makes her arrival soon! If she can hold out until Monday, our babes will share the same birthday ;)

  3. Thinking of you today, lady!!! Best of luck--you are going to do FANASTIC with your induction.