Tuesday, January 7, 2014

22 Weeks: Baby Crockett 2.0

How big is the baby this week: Baby is the size of a papaya.

Due Date: May 8, 2014

Weight Gain: Nothing this week.  I know it's all going appear in my third trimester, and I have no idea why since I think I eat about the same throughout my pregnancy (except for the pesky first trimester when I eat only what I won't throw up, which isn't much)

Symptoms: Heartburn, bigger belly, general soreness

Cravings: Milk, chocolate, sushi, queso

Aversions: Nothing major.

Sleep: Well, if my firstborn wasn't waking up multiple times a night, I'm pretty sure it would be decent.  Unfortunately, there are lots of interruptions and I'm tired... a lot.

I am loving: Baby boy is getting stronger, and I no longer just feel kicks, but rolls.  Such a fun part of pregnancy.

I miss: raw sushi (tuna in particular), alcoholic beverages, and sleep

I am looking forward to: Working on the nursery.

I'm spazzing about: Getting things done before he arrives since we haven't even started.  And naming him.

Best thing about this week: Being a bridesmaid in my lovely friend Rebecca's wedding 

Milestones: We had our second ultrasound at the dr, and baby boy looks perfectly healthy

Movement: Lots of movement these days

It's a...: Boy!

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