Monday, January 6, 2014

The sleep monster rears its ugly head

It started right at Thanksgiving.  We were at my in- laws, and E woke up around 1am, and would NOT go back to sleep for nearly 2 hours.  We traveled that weekend to my parents, and E did the same thing.  We chalked it up to traveling, maybe nightmares... who knows.  Then we went through a lot more traveling and strange schedules with my dad's passing, spending a few days watching my nieces, and then Christmas.

So, perhaps we could continue to blame it on all of those things, but the fact is, we went from having a fabulous nighttime sleeper (7:30pm-7am) and napper (noon-2:30/3) to having a child that AGAIN wakes up multiple times at night and has horrible naps.  I believe we're dealing with a sleep regression, folks.  And mama is tired.  Thankfully, putting a name on it was actually comforting.   I think I've finally reached the point in my mamahood that I understand that everything is a season, everything is a phase, and I just need to survive whatever she's going through at the time.  Granted, I don't have quite that clarity at 2am, but I do at this moment, and wanted to document what we're dealing with right now.  Going on 6 weeks right now, with no end in sight.  So when we go through the same thing with baby boy- or when my interweb friends deal with the same thing, we all know we're not crazy... our kids are:)  The good news?  She's still freaking adorable.


  1. Oh, man. SLEEP is so important. I feel like I just read another mom on IG say this same thing happened after their vacation---it has to get better!!

  2. Bummer! Good perspective on it being a phase/season, though. Good reminder as we start things up for a third time. ;) You guys are beautiful!