Friday, March 28, 2014

34 Weeks: Baby Crockett 2.0

How big is the baby this week: Baby is the size of a durian! 

Due Date:
 May 8, 2014.

Weight Gain: About a pound.  Total: 16 lbs.

Symptoms: Wednesday morning, I was getting ready for music class with E, and I had what the dr called a vasovagal event.  Basically, my blood pressure dropped, and baby Caleb shifted to where he was right on a major vein that supplies blood to my brain and I came very close to passing out.  When I dropped to the floor he shifted, my blood pressure spiked back up and that caused me to throw up.  Totally freaked me out, and my wonderful SIL ended up coming to drive me to the dr since I was worried about driving.  Other than that, big belly, fatigue, tightness in my arms and legs, which also feel very heavy at various times during the day.  Basically, pregnancy is weird.

Cravings: Burgers, salads, milk.

Aversions: Nadda.

Sleep: Sleep itself is going ok, I still wake up 1-2 times a night to use the bathroom, but now when I wake in the morning I just don't feel rested.  I wake up still tired and very sore, just from laying on my side and not being able to shift very much at night.

I am loving: Getting closer to my due date.

I miss: Being able to find a comfortable position.

I am looking forward to: My baby sprinkle this weekend!

I'm spazzing about: Finding a birth photographer.  I've contacted 4 people- 3 couldn't and 1 cost $1,000.  I know the value of photography, but that's out of our price range.  It's also really frustrating because I wish I could just photograph my own birth haha.

Best thing about this week: I always love dr appointments and finding out everything is still going well in there.

Milestones: I've been told that the baby is high and low (aka he's just everywhere), and also that I look like I don't have much time left.  Ha. Ha.

Movement: Lots! He's active like his sister was!

It's a...: Boy!


  1. Scary to hear that happened to you. Pregnancy is weird. This baby has been doing flips and making me pretty sick lately too. So cool that you're getting a birth photographer. I really wanted to do that, but was too scared with our first and the 2nd will be a scheduled c-section and they don't allow photographers in there. I love birth photography!

  2. Hey, good luck with your delivery and hope you have a normal one. I wish you and the baby a very good recovery from the pregnancy and have a healthy life.