Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby Bucket List

Ever since Husband and I put a date on when to start trying, I've been finding more and more bloggers in the same stage as us. I LOVE this. I love finding other people with just as many questions, fears, and dreams as fill my crazy head. A common theme among many of these fabulous imaginary friends is a "Baby Bucket List". I think this is pretty self explanatory for anyone that has seen The Bucket List movie, but for those that haven't, it's a list of things you'd like to accomplish before you kick the bucket, or in this case, the baby. Have a baby that is, not kick the baby.

Don't kick a baby, that's bad.

And so, without further ado, my Baby Bucket List.

1. Travel- Husband and I still plan to eventually take vacations just the two of us after kiddos, but obviously this will not be the case for quite awhile. Plus, I fully expect our travel priorities to shift once we welcome a wee one (goodbye Vegas, hello Disney). However, with Husband in school, our travel budget is not brimming over, so we're trying to arrange our priorities to fit in at least one trip before we start trying.

2. Pay off our vehicle- we have a car and an SUV and we have roughly a years worth of payments left on our SUV. We would like to have it paid off before we start trying to give ourselves a bit more padding in our budget.

3. Make body ready for baby- this includes taking prenatal vitamins (which I have been for the last month), working out, and (gasp) cutting back on sushi. I plan to completely give it up when pregnant, but I've read that mercury can actually stay in your system for up to a year, so I've been eating less tuna and really, less sushi in general.

4. Talk with my OBGYN and General Practitioner about managing Narcolepsy while TTC/Pregnant- oh yeah, by the way, I'm Narcoleptic. This is a whole other blog post on it's own, but I have already met with both of my doctors and come up with a plan we are all comfortable with.

5. Budget- this is also probably a whole other blog post too, but in general, I want to make sure we can stick to a budget before adding a whole new person to our family. There will be a lot of changes in the next year for our family outside of just the baby area, so the budget often feels like a constantly moving target. I'd like to get that sucker nailed down.

6. Meal Plan Successfully- Meal Planning is one of those I know I should but I don't things. If I get a handle on it, I know it would also help us with #5.

7. Research and purchase life insurance- this is a non negotiable once we have a kiddo on the way.

8. Purchase a video camera- I already have great cameras and lenses (did I mention I'm a photographer on the side?), but I'd like to upgrade my current Nikon d300 to a d300s so I can have video capabilities to pair with my lenses. I don't want a separate video camera, this way I'd only need one camera body to do both.

9. Fix up our house- our home is fairly new, so it's not like we have any massive projects to undertake, but since we bought it we've been gradually decorating, buying furniture, painting, and working on the lawn. There's a possibility we'll be looking to move into a larger house once we have a kiddo, so we'd like everything to be in tip top shape to make our house sell quickly if we decide to move. Plus, I think I've already started nesting.

10. Enjoy being just "us"- even when the decision to start trying was 8 months away, thoughts of the next step filled my brain. Hence this blog. But I also know that once we start trying, or even once we have a child, there will be no more just us, and I want to make sure that I appreciate and enjoy being a couple. Staying up late, sleeping in, watching movies, making quick runs to the store for ice cream, talking for hours over a glass of wine. Not only dreaming and planning for the future, but being thankful that even with work, and school, and stress, I'm still married to my very best friend.

I'm sure there are a few things I've forgotten, but right now, I'm off to check on plane tickets to a place we'd like to visit. What were some things you wanted to accomplish before kids?

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  1. Now that's what I call a list! You guys seem to have all your ducks in a row (or at least they are getting there soon), and I can't wait to read more!