Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First letter

The night Husband and I decided to move our baby timeline up, I wrote my very first letter to our future child. What can I say, I like to get an early start on things. Since this blog is to document our baby journey and beyond, I thought it only right that I post it here instead of hiding it on my computer.

October 12, 2010

Dear Baby,

You have always been a far away dream, but tonight you became a little more real. Your daddy and I just celebrated our three year wedding anniversary, and he is almost halfway through his third year of pharmacy school. Our plan had been to either wait until he graduates to start thinking of starting a family, or even to wait longer.

But your mama is a big dreamer, and planner! I've had baby fever for quite awhile, and so I did some investigating into what it would mean to move our timeline up. And, after talking to your daddy, we've decided we will start trying to add you in June of next year, which is just about 8 months away! We are so excited! We've started talking about names, and even planned out which room will be yours and ways to tell people our news. And we don't even have news yet! You are already so incredibly loved and wanted. Your daddy is a wonderful husband and I know he will be an amazing father. To be honest, I'm a little nervous. Excited, but nervous. Like I said, I'm a planner, and I like looking at all of my charts and plans and knowing what will happen and when it will happen, and I know that babies don't always follow the plan. Whatever happens, we will adjust. We will do our best to raise you to love the Lord, and to be a good example to you and any siblings that may follow.

I already love you,


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