Monday, March 28, 2011

We're trying to have a baby...

...but not for awhile. Actually we decided to make a baby back in October, but we're not planning on actually trying to conceive until June. Or July. We're still a little indecisive. See, the original plan was to wait until the husband graduates from Pharmacy school, then work a few years to pay off student loans, and THEN try for a baby. But I'm not really known for my patience. Plus, we're not sure yet if we want two or three kids (or four?- just me?), and in the interest of spacing them out and giving my body a chance to recover (youknowthatwon'tbepretty), we figured we'd better hop on the baby train a little earlier than the original plan so we're not still having children in our 40s. Husband will be graduating in May of 2012, but will then have to take the Naplex and find a job. That pays. None of this working for pharmacies for free anymore. I don't get maternity leave at my job, but I do get quite a bit of vacation/ personal leave so I've been saving up days, and plotting planning the best time to be pregnant/ deliver/ start raising a child in our fun little timeline. Stay tuned.

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