Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day In The Life

 I've seen these posts several times, and I'm always curious about how others fill their days.  I also want to remember how our days went since things change so quickly with a little one.  So here is a day in our life.

Thursday, January 17, 2013.  Emersyn was 8.5 months old.

12:30am  E's first wake up.  Boo.  Let her cry for a few minutes, but she's just getting more and more angry, so I go in and give her her paci.  Back to bed.

12:50am Another wakeup.  Whelp, this sucks.  Let her cry for a few minutes, finally get out of bed to go give her her paci, she stops crying right before I get to her room.  Unfortunately, she starts up again right when I get back in bed.

1:20am  Finally asleep, back to bed for mama.

1:40am  Seriously?  Another wakeup.  Girlfriend is on a roll tonight.  Normally, I don't nurse her until after 4am, but I don't know what else to try.  E eats for about 10 minutes, then I rock her for a bit before laying her down again.

2:00am Back to sleep, hopefully that feeding will get her through until 7:30am.

5:00am  Hub's alarm goes off for him to get ready for work.  Thankfully, E hasn't woken up again.

6:00am- Blake gives me a kiss and heads to work, since 6am is the earliest he can get in the building.  He's scheduled 9am to 9pm, but I doubt we see him before 10:30 tonight.

6:30am- Another wakeup.  Boo.  Paci given, back to sleep.

7:15am- E wakes up, time to get up for the day.  Up for the day means coffee.  Yay!  Let Gus out, then go in, greet Emerbaby.  Big smiles for getting out of the crib, not so happy about the diaper change.  All smiles again when we let Gus back inside.  Feed him, and start the coffee.

7:45am- Nurse.  Emersyn was hungry. Can't really blame her there.  I'm hungry too.  She nurses on both sides.

8:00am- E's all done, down on the floor to play while mama gets coffee and some muffins.  Ahhhh, good stuff.  Flip on Good Morning America and get wallered by my girl.  Probably my favorite time of day.  She's so happy in the mornings:)

9:00am- Breakfast for E!  Oatmeal and blueberries this morning.  First time with blueberries... and they're a hit.  I worry she'll choke (of course), but I squish them up a tad for her and she does great.  Instagram the cuteness.  Meals take longer these days because E is starting to feed herself some things.

9:30am- When she's done, we play some more.  She's loving the exersaucer, until her face scrunches up and clearly does a number in her diaper.  Muahaha she's going to love this photo when she's older:)

9:45am- Diaper change, then read a couple of chapters from her children's Bible she got from Mimi and Granddad.  She's fading fast, so I turn on her music, and we rock.

10:00am- Sometimes E is snuggly when we rock, but today is not one of those days.  Today she flails, so down into her crib.  Takes her paci, and her lovey, rolls to her side, and bam, she's out.  I throw a load of diapers in the laundry, then hit the shower!

10:30am- Our playdate texts me and asks if we can move lunch from 12 to 12:30.  Perfect, as I'm hoping for a long nap out of baby girl today.  I continue getting ready, and also get some stuff done around the house- make our bed, do some dishes, etc.

11:00am- E wakes up.  Not the long nap I was hoping for, but so much better than her naps a few months ago.  Decide we'll have enough time to pack up some lunch for Blake and return some stuff to Target.  Another diaper change and get E dressed for the day.

11:45am- Finish packing E's lunch and diaper bag, Blake's lunch, put diapers in the dryer, and head out the door.  Realize as I pull out of our drive that E's due to nurse at noon.  Ooops.  Hope she does ok until we get to our playdate.  Return some pants to Target, find some others on clearance.  Quick trip over to the Pharmacy to wait for Blake to have a spare moment to get his lunch and give a quick kiss.

12:15pm- Heading out of Target, realize we have an extra few minutes, stop by Starbucks to pick up some yumminess.

12:30pm- We arrive at our playdate.  Nurse Emersyn immediately, then settle in for a yummy lunch and girl time with my friend.  She even set up her kiddo's high chair for E, who has zucchini, squash, and chicken for lunch.   Her son is only 6 weeks old, but the kiddos still interact a bit.  Emersyn loves other babies.

2:30pm- Diaper change, then head home as E is due for a nap.  She falls asleep on the way home, and I transfer her to her crib with little resistance from her.  Thank goodness, as she never sleeps long in her carseat, but a transfer can sometimes wake her up too.

3:00pm- Flip on the tv, watch one of my dvr'd shows while working on this post.  Comment on a few blogs since I check google reader pretty much every time I nurse.  Pick up around the house, decide today is as good as any to start childproofing the house.  I bought some stuff awhile back, so I get it out and plug all the outlets, put foam covers on our fireplace, and realize the cabinet latches we got are crap.  Also realize this is probably not nearly enough childproofing- good thing she's not crawling yet.  Also take advantage of the fact that the house is fairly clean and finally take some after pics of some rooms in our house (blog post on that coming soon!).

4:00pm- Emersyn wakes up (three cheers for a great nap!).  Change her diaper, and nurse.  When she's done we play on Starfall.com for awhile.

4:30pm- Baby girl just isn't feeling it this afternoon.  If Fussy were a town, E would be mayor.  Flip on some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to distract her.

4:50pm- Skype with my brother and SIL.  They're going to come visit at the end of February and have my niece's first birthday party here!  So excited as we haven't gotten to see them since August!

6:00pm- Dinner time for E baby and I.  Chicken and green beans for the munchkin.  Warm up some chicken and make a quick side salad for me.  Love that E feeds herself so well, as it means I can eat at the same time!  Prevent the dog from eating straight off her tray. He gets plenty from the floor.

6:45pm- All done with dinner, more playtime.  Clean up E's highchair so it's good to go for tomorrow.  Feed the dog.

7:15pm- Bath for Emersyn.  She LOVES bath time, and we play with measuring cups and her other toys.  The cuteness is overwhelming.

7:35pm- Out of the bath, dry off.  Wrangle her into her nighttime diaper and jammies, as she loves to roll over on her changing mat.  The fussiness has returned.  Sleepy girl.

7:50pm- Nurse and rock.  She falls asleep on me this time, so I enjoy the snuggles for a little while before I lay her down in her crib.  She is out.  Turn on the white noise and sneak out of her bedroom.

8:15pm- Veg out on the couch.  My favorite shows are on tv tonight, so I tune in for some Grey's and Scandal.  Start working on my niece's birthday party invite.

9:30pm- Text from the hubs says he's pretty sure he's out of red shirts, so I sort laundry and throw a load in the wash.

10:45pm- Hubs gets home from work, and I switch clothes over to the dryer.  He settles in to work on more stuff for work, and I pick up some of E's toys before getting ready for bed.

11:15pm- E starts fussing.  Go ahead and nurse her again, and rock her back to sleep.

11:30pm- Hubs is still working at the kitchen table, but I'm heading to bed.  Give him a kiss goodnight and climb into bed.


  1. 11:30 and you go to bed?! Im lucky if I can make it passed 930 theses days...Oh man my nights sound just like yours the paci game will be the death of me!

  2. This is GREAT! And that's the truth, that when you get to their door, they fall asleep. But the SECOND you crawl back into bed, they start crying/fussing again. I swear, they can see us! LOVE LOVE the bedroom...can't wait to see the rest of the house! PS: E is GORGEOUS!!

  3. Loved reading about your day!! She is seriously so cute!!!

  4. Sounds like a full and (mostly) ;) happy day! And...E's thighs. OH MY WORD. I wish I could squeeze her!!! She's precious. Can't wait for more house pics! Love the master!

  5. I love posts like these! So cool to see what other people do during the day (and not be accused of being a stalker lol). It's so funny how our babies follow a pretty close schedule to each other.. must be the age as my other girlfriend's baby is on the same one

  6. LOVE this post! I need to do one of these or at least put it in Bailey Grace's baby book... just to be able to look back and remember these days. So special, even though in the moment they don't seem special sometimes! :)

  7. Hi! I started reading your blog when I was pregnant, a few weeks behind you, and now it's fun to read about your kiddo since she's so similar to mine. :) I have a word of advice for you, which you may already know, but the reason your lovely Emersyn doesn't sleep through the night is because she can't put herself back to sleep -- rocking her to sleep and using the pacifier are sleep associations that you have to break in order to get her to fall asleep by herself when she wakes in the night. Unfortunately at this age that will take some crying to break the habit, but it's really in her (and your!) best interest to sleep better. The Baby Whisperer is a great resource . Good luck!!