Friday, January 25, 2013

Home Sweet Home: Part 2

The back part of our house is great because you can't see any of it from the front door.  When we bought the house, I liked that it's separate, so if I haven't had a chance to clean up you don't see all the mess.  However, everyone knows that the kitchen is where a lot of action in a house takes place, and since we don't have any furniture in our formal living room yet, the family room is where we gather.  Oh well, it's a good idea in theory.  

What's unusual about this part of the house is that the trim switches over to wood trim instead of white, which the first part of our house has.  Personally, I much prefer white trim, but the hubs like wood, and the house came with coordinating wood blinds (white in the white trimmed areas and wood in the wood trim areas), so painting the trim was a no go, which is fine by me because ummm, I'm sick of painting.

Here is the hallway, after paint.  I didn't take a before, my bad.  This is what you see right when you pass the Dining room.  To the left is the half bath, then a walk in pantry and the Kitchen.  To the right (not pictured) is our Laundry room, which goes out to the garage.  This first door you see on the right is our coat closet, there's a linen closet around the corner, and the door with the wreath that you can half see is E's bedroom.  Then her bathroom, and another bedroom (not pictured).  The family room is at the very end.  Confused yet?

The hallway from the family room (and a small glimpse of my coffee bar):

Now some before and afters.

Emersyn's room:

This is the one room in which I painted the trim.  I love having the mix of dark wood and white in E's nursery, but adding in wood trim was too much for me.  I read on the interwebs to protect the carpet by putting magazine pages between the trim and the carpet.  Brilliant in theory, but the pages stuck to my paint.  I tried scraping it, but yeah, that didn't work.  So, if you look very closely in person you can see some Parenting Magazine page remnants.  The carpet pretty much covers it, but if we ever replace the carpet in there I'll have to deal with it further.  We do want to replace the carpet eventually, as right now it's the original white carpet, which unfortunately has several stains.  But, we figured with a kiddo in there, putting off new carpet for a few years might not be a bad idea.  Eventually, Blake has promised to put up white shelves above her changing table like we had in our old house.

Anyways, the color is Sherwin Williams Lemon Chiffon.  I love it in natural light, but honestly, I kind of wish I'd chosen a different color because 99% of the time, we use darkening curtains in there and use the overhead light, which casts a very yellow tint on the room, which makes the walls too... something.  So yeah, this is the one color I'm not 100% crazy about, but again, I'm sick of painting, so it's going to stay for awhile.

E's Bathroom:

Painted Benjamin Moore Lavender Ice.  Rug from Walmart, shower curtain from Target.  

Guest Room:

This and the laundry room are the only rooms in the house we didn't paint.  Eventually, this will either be a nursery or E's big girl room when we add a second kiddo down the line.  Blake's man cave actually has a pullout sofa so it can be used as a guest room when that happens.  That was my one request for his man cave, since it has an attached bathroom, and he agreed.  This is another room in which we'd eventually like to replace the carpet.

Half bath off the kitchen:

I would say the first color is the closest representation.  Painted Sherwin Williams Utterly Beige.  The mirror is from Hobby Lobby, the pictures are ones I took on a vacation to Atlanta, and the shelf was built by Blake's Grandpa many years ago.  Eventually I'd like to add cream stripes in there, but again, tired of painting.  Sense a theme?

Kitchen and Breakfast Nook:

Painted Sherwin Williams Rainwashed- same as the Dining Room, but looks more blue in here.  The Dining Nook table and chairs were a housewarming gift from Blake's very generous grandparents.

Family Room:

Painted Sherwin Williams Moody Blue.  This is the only room we were between two color choices.  This was Blake's choice, and once it was all painted, I must admit, he was totally right.  Painting in this room made the carpet look cleaner, the furniture look newer, in general, just an awesome difference.  We actually replaced the TV in here, so Blake rebuilt the whole center part of the built ins, which was a big project.  This is the same color as we chose for the hallway as well, in case it looks familiar:)

And that's the whole place!  Again, we still need to do some decorating, and the whole house is screaming for curtains, but we're very happy to have it all painted.


  1. Your house is gorgeous! I love the picture above the fireplace too - very cute!

  2. Love the house! Isn't it amazing what new paint can do? Your place is HUGE! Love how you've decorated it, it looks so well put together!

  3. You've been hard at work, mama. Love it all!!

  4. I cannot believe that crazy 'before' wallpaper...I don't think I've ever seen so much wallpaper. Of so many different patterns. Great job, the new look is wonderful!