Friday, January 4, 2013

What's in my diaper bag?

I've always loved the What's In My Bag section in gossip magazines (gasp, yup, I read that trash), but my bag these days is my diaper bag, so I thought I'd share what I tote around on a regular basis.

First up, my bag- the Skip Hop Avenue in Violet:
This beauty was exclusive to Buy Buy Baby, and unfortunately, I'm not sure it's available there anymore.  I think it was right around $80, and I received it as a group gift from several lovely friends at my Tulsa baby shower.  I lurve it.  We looked at a LOT of baby bags- for some reason this was one of those things I really focused on, and when I saw this one, I swooned.  The hubs was initially not a fan because it's pretty girly, but then he realized his whole life was about to be invaded by all things girl and let me register for it anyway.  Plus, when we were looking at it for like the 6th time (just kept going back to it), there was a fellow mommy there looking at bags that pointed out a lot of great features with this bag.

It has a large inner area, with two pockets in there, and then on the outside it has a pocket on each side, one in the front, one in the back where the diaper changing pad goes, and the top zippered pocket on the front which is just right for your cell phone and a chapstick.  I'm not sure what the material is, but it's wipeable, which is the important part.  It has two straps that form the handle, and those are a leather like material that prevents it from slipping off my shoulder.  It has a magnetic clasp- I initially wanted something that zipped, but after several months of use, I think if I had something that zipped it would never be zipped, so I'm glad that didn't keep me from registering for this bag.  It also has straps on each side that buckle around a shopping cart or stroller, which is very handy.

So what all do I pack in this baby?  Everything.

Starting on the inside:

-E's newborn pictures mini flip book (every mama likes to brag on their cutie from time to time, right?), -Pacifier wipes- use these on everything, her paci if it rolls in dirt, but also just to wipe down sticky fingers, snot etc.
-Toys- easy distraction.
-California Baby sunscreen, hand lotion, and Germ-X.
-Extra socks, extra paci.
-Tampons for mama (duh).  I do wish this bag had an inner zip pocket like most purses do, because the lady goods just kind of go in with everything else.

Up next:

-aden+anais muslin blanket- I used to carry this AND a nursing cover, but now I just carry this and use 
it for nursing, an extra blanket, a burp rag after nursing, a clean place for E to play etc.
-Extra clothes- extra onesie and a whole extra outfit.  She hasn't needed these in awhile, so I probably need to replace them with bigger sizes, but I guarantee as soon as an extra outfit wasn't in the bag, she would need it.
-Ziploc bag- always handy in case I forget her wetbag.
-Extra disposable diaper- another backup.
-Burp cloth.
-Flushable wipes- I used to wet down and carry cloth wipes for E, but that was a pain in the behind to do each time we went out and once I forgot to put them in, she pooped, and I had to cut the outing short to go home and change her diaper.  These just stay in her bag at all times.

And lastly, my stuff, and last minute additions to the bag.

-Sophie Giraffe, or whatever her favorite portable toy is at the time.  If we're going to someone's house, I usually take several toys for her to play with.
-Wetbag and enough diapers to cover us while we're out, plus a backup.
-My Kindle and keys, chapstick, pen, sunglasses, and wallet.

I carry a lot of stuff.  Do I need all of this stuff every time we're out?  No, but I like to be prepared, and it all fits in the bag, and the bag can strap to her stroller or a cart or whatever, so its really portable.  Any must have in your bag that I've overlooked?


  1. I like these kinds of posts, too. :). Sounds like a great bag, and you are SO right about the extra outfit thing. As soon as you don't put one in your bag, they'll need it. ;)

  2. I i love these posts it reminds me of everything I'm forgetting in my bag! :)

  3. You're probably getting very close to the stage where you'll need snacks & sippy cups, lol! That's always my main concern, along with dipes & wipes. Hell hath no fury like a hungry toddler!

  4. Love this post Lori! I need to start writing on my blog again and this was one of the type of posts I was thinking about doing, we have almost the exact same items in our bags! :)

  5. I love the "whats in my diaper bag" posts. We use a skip hop diaper bag too. Its amazing how much it fits. I think we carry almost the exact same things in our bag!