Thursday, April 21, 2011

This morning

Husband and I went out to dinner last night after work, and I shared with him my concerns about not getting accurate temps because of the dogs. This morning, as I herd the first whine I also heard Husband hopping up out of bed to take the pooches out. Love him.

We'll see how long this continues, but I definitely appreciated the effort this morning. Speaking of this morning, today marked my second high(er) temp, which if I get another high one tomorrow, would indicate that I ovluated on day 13 (April 19)!

This would make sense, as on April 18, I experienced severe pain in what must have been my uterus. It lasted for about an hour, I took some ibuprofun, and that seemed to help. I had some pain for the next couple of days (though nowhere NEAR what I experienced that night). I'm thinking that had to be ovulation pain, but here's where it gets a little confusing: I used those ovulation predictor sticks I bought off Amazon when I started feeling that horrible pain, tested each day since then, and all have been negative.

I don't know if I started testing too late? If I'm just weird and didn't have a high enough "surge" to be detected? Or maybe I haven't really ovulated yet...

This fertility stuff is confusing.


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  2. Good luck on the baby making!! But trust me, enjoy your time where you only have to let the dog out and then you can go back to bed. When you have REAL humans? They are up and so are you, no sleeping in :)

  3. I agree with Raven--don't stress too much! I know how it can be to want a plan, but, as I learned, you can only plan so much...! ;) Enjoy the excitement, and try to rest and enjoy each other, too!

  4. Oh, yes, it can be stressful trying to conceive. I hope you're able to do so quickly and easily. All the best as you track and plan and try and pray!!

    Happy Passover & Easter to you as well. :)