Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Unreliable chart?

I have officially been off my BCP for about two weeks now, and while week one went well, this week- notsomuch. My dogs have decided that I don't need a consecutive 3 hours of sleep before taking my temp at 6am and they like to wake me up to go outside at 4:30, 5:25, and ALL OTHER RANDOM HOURS OF THE NIGHT. Grrr. I love my pooches, but this is not only annoying, but is also starting to freak me out that my temps aren't going to be trackable. I guess it's preparing me a bit for less sleep when we have a little one, but it is NOT helping me chart.

Husband sleeps through the dogs whining. The only times he gets up with them is when I physically elbow him in the back a couple of days a week and say, "It's your turn to let them out." Sometimes he gets up after that, but often he says "sure", rolls over, and goes back to sleep.

When we were first married I figured it was easier for me to just get up with them than do the whole elbow thing, plus I wanted to be a "good" wife and let my hubby sleep. This resulted in resentment, and also made me so tired and grouchy at the end of the day that I told Husband he needed to step up- and he did. For about 3 months, I swear that boy woke up to every whine and got up immediately so I could sleep a bit longer. This convinced me that somewhere in his brain is a "hearing the dogs" switch that he can apparently turn on and off.

Husband is usually in the start TTC in July camp (he thinks we'll get preggo the first go around). Being unable to track my temps could result in a baby faster than Husband would like. I wonder if this info could turn that switch back on?

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  1. It took me 1 try to get pregs with #1.. 7 months + 1 month on fertility drugs with #2. Stay positive!! And good luck!!