Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fears about motherhood

So obviously, I want to be a mother. Husband is on board with idea, and as far as we know, we're good to go in the reproductive area. So, what's holding us back?

1. I don't want to give up sushi- OK, it's not just sushi, it's also wine, sleeping in, cold turkey sandwiches, bladder control, soft cheeses, and discretionary income. Which brings me to...

2. Money- Husband is in school, which means we live off of my income and student loans. Our bank account does not runneth over. We're not poor by any means (hello sushi habit), but I also know that having a baby costs more than raw fish.

3. I'm narcoleptic- Gosh, I feel like I've already posted more on my blog about narcolepsy than I've ever said before in my life. But while my Drs have agreed to a plan to take me off my meds and manage my narcolepsy, I'm still scared. After all, I won't just be responsible for myself if I fall alseep while driving, I'll also be responsible for a baby and everyone else on the road.

4. Couple time- Husband has been in school for 3 of our (almost) 4 years of marriage. Which means we've not had much of a chance to have a normal "before children" marriage. We both wanted to travel more before having children, and we sometimes wonder if we'll wish we had waited a few more years.

These are some of my fears about getting pregnant/ having a child. Do you know what Husband said when I asked him what his greatest fear about having a kid was?

That the house will never be clean again.

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  1. Men think about these things completely differently than we do!
    We waited 5 years to have a baby and I am glad we did. We traveled and slept in and drank copious amounts of wine. Don't rush it, follow your heart!

  2. More advice... Don't rush! Travel if you can before baby! And as for the money -- it's never enough, but you'll manage!

    And, I understand narcolepsy (my hubby has it). One thing to consider -- most woman get even SLEEPIER with pregnancy. You really should consider options for keeping yourself safe. Limiting driving, etc. My hubby was in a pretty significant car accident because of his narcolepsy, and that scared the wits out of me!