Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ahhh stretchy pants

Yup, I'm 9 weeks and 1 day along and wearing my first pair of maternity pants.  Don't judge. 

I've only gained about 2-3 lbs, but it's all in my belly, and the morning sickness medicine I'm on makes it so that not only do you not throw up, you also don't poop.  Sorry, there's really no polite way to say that.  This means my tummy is bigger than normal and doesn't really like to be constricted.  I've been wearing my pants unbuttoned at work, and am down to only one pair of jeans that fit, but I was hesitant to buy anything yet because hello, I'm only 9 weeks.

I have a wonderful friend in my small group at church that has two kiddos and graciously let me borrow a giant tub of her maternity clothes.  I was like a kid at Christmas last night, trying on all my new stuff!  Pretty sure her maternity wardrobe is nicer than my regular wardrobe.  I think I'll still need to buy a few things (she's quite a bit smaller than me, and she had already gotten rid of a lot of her wintery clothes), but it's a huge blessing to not have to start from scratch!!!  Just one other reason I'm so thankful for my small group (they were a huge support when we lost our first baby) and friends in general!


  1. I remember buying my first few things when I was pregnant and I thought "is it too early?" but my hips seemed bigger immediately and that whole PMS bloaty feeling was... permanent... so there you have it. Isn't it nice not to have your pants digging into your waist? :)

  2. i'm 15 weeks now and love your mama need sushi title i'm seriously craving sushi every week more than ever. I started not fitting into my pants around 9 weeks too. i'm now officially in my yoga pants.

  3. There's NO SHAME in the stretchy pants, girl! Live in them as long as you can. They are glorious, and I kiiiiinda don't want to go back to the regular kind of pants. ;)

  4. It is awesome to be able to breathe again and not worry about my unbuttoned normal pants falling down when I get up out of a chair.

    kkyossie- Congrats!!

    Erin- ehhh pretty sure you're allowed to still wear the stretchy ones for awhile. You did JUST have a baby!