Thursday, October 6, 2011

What should I be reading?

I'm sure I'll do lots of posts asking for recommendations on things, but for now, I want to start with books.  I've already got What to Expect When You're Expecting, but what other books do I need to get/ read before baby gets here?  I'm looking for books on baby schedules, sleeping, soothing, breastfeeding, baby food, and anything else that you felt was a must-read.


  1. All I read was What to Expect and Secrets of a Baby Whisperer. LOVED Baby Whisperer!!! Highly recommend if you're looking for some middle ground between the on-demand philosophy and the cry-it-out philosophy. Again, highly recommend.

  2. I read The Baby Whisperer (same author - Hogg - as SOABW. It WAS helpful, and helped us be mindful of the behaviors we were inadvertently supporting. And as Erin said, it provided some ideas for the middle ground between 2 ends of the spectrum. I know it was one of the reasons we ended up with a pretty good sleeper. I also think the Happiest Baby on the Block is a great DVD (though the doc is a little wacky and the production is cheesy). This one helped us out too.

  3. I read a ton of prenatal development books (especially stuff that covered the medical science aspect...I'm a total science freak), but I haven't read much in the way of baby rearing...probably because that's all I do on a daily basis myself. lol.

    If you want to know all about prenatal development though, there is this amazing book that I picked up called "The Pregnant Body Book". It is incredibly detailed, has awesome visual aids and has a DVD too.

    I'll have to pick up that Baby Whisperer book that everyone is commenting about. I'm always a sucker for hype. :)