Monday, October 24, 2011

Is that a light at the end of a tunnel I see?

I think/ hope that the worst of the morning sickness is letting up.  For the last few days I've actually felt human, and not suffered from the constant nausea and throwing up I was dealing with before.  I'm SO thankful to be feeling better, and I'm hoping I've turned a corner and the sickness is gone for good. 

Of course, being paranoid, I'm a little worried that this means something is wrong, but some of my buds over on BabyCenter have assured me they are also feeling better and it's just a natural time for the morning sickness to be letting up.  My next ultrasound is Thursday, so I'll know for sure then, but right now I'm just trusting God that everything is fine with the baby and I'm thankful (SO thankful) to be feeling better. 

This past weekend I took advantage of feeling better and got a lot of photo editing done, had an awesome bridal shoot, and got some things put away at our house.  It was wonderful to just have a weekend to catch up!  We're going to be out of town for the next three weekends, so it was definitely needed.  Hope you all had wonderful weekends as well!


  1. I have been MIA on my comments but reading your blog faithfully (i've commented once before)- I turned 11 wks on Sat. and have my next appt on Thursday too. I have been right there with ya girl on the nauseous feelings.. this week I finally felt a little more human though...lets emphasize a little lol. Everyone keeps telling me 2nd trimester is going to be so much better... fingers crossed for both of us!

  2. Thanks Colby! I wanted to reply to your comment today and the other time, but your email isn't linked up to your blog:(

    Glad to hear you're feeling better too- hopefully we're on our way to the "honeymoon" stage of the 2nd trimester!

  3. Hi Lori! My email is I am actually going to be putting up a new blog just to follow my pregnancy... my other blog is We had an u/s on Thursday too- isn't it amazing how much the peanuts are actually looking like babies now?!