Thursday, October 20, 2011

I want to remember...

No one is perfect, but sometimes, we are blessed to find the one that is perfect for us.  This pregnancy so far has been rough, and Husband has been awesome.

1. Bringing me a cold washcloth and ice water when I'm bowing to the porcelein throne
2. Stopping for cravings, even when it involves needing to cross three lanes of traffic in 5 seconds
3. Doing the laundry and cleaning the kitchen when I'm too sick or too tired to move off the couch
4. Cleaning the bathrooms so I don't have to breathe in the chemicles
5. Bringing me gingerale and saltines, and pancakes with peanut butter
6. Eating in bed with me because that's where I've parked myself for the night
7. Making sure to tell a friend that's offered to bring over dinner to not use any pepper because it makes me sick
8. Getting my medicine, cutting it in half, and placing it right by the bed
9. Telling me it's ok to get more medicine even though our insurance won't cover a refill and we'll have to pay for it out of pocket
10. Loving me, praying for me, and telling me I'm beautiful, when I know for a fact that at that moment, I need to shower, brush my teeth, and I have mascara is running down my face
Source: None via SushiMama on Pinterest


  1. THAT is one good man! You are blessed and it sounds like he will be a perfect daddy!

  2. Good boy. :) Brownie points for him!