Tuesday, November 1, 2011

13 Weeks!

How big is baby this week? Baby is the size of a peach.

Due Date: May 8, 2012

Weight Gain: I'm at my starting weight- but I have a definite bump, so I think I'm just losing weight in other areas as baby grows.

Symptoms: EVEN LESS NAUSEA!!!!  I still get sick riding in a vehicle for very long, and I have occasional erpy (totally not a word, but you know what I mean) feelings, but it is so.much.better.  Baby is on it's way to having siblings someday again, as I had ruled them out when I was feeling so horrible.  Also, the hair on my belly is making me feel like a gorilla- ooo la la- or ooo aaaa aaa?.  I use the bathroom on average about 8 times a day, but I'm still pretty stopped up.  New this week- headaches.  I still have heartburn and fatigue, but those seem to be getting better as well. 

Cravings: Ice cold water and tacos.  Mmmm tacos.

Aversions: Less aversions now, but anything too saucy still isn't super appealing

Sleep: Go to bed early (around 8 or 8:30), waking up once or twice a night

I am loving: watching my (hairy) belly grow!

I miss: raw sushi and red wine

I am looking forward to: Gender ultrasound November 23!

I'm spazzing about: all those pregnancy/ parenting books I need to get through

Best thing about this week: Seeing my family this weekend, using a gift card from baby's Mimi to buy black dress pants, and going public

Milestones: Making it to 13 weeks!  Baby has fingerprints!  And, at our ultrasound on Thursday, Baby was moving around like crazy.

Movement: Nada

It's a...: No idea yet, but my nieces are predicting a girl!


  1. Don't worry about the baby books. I would read your What to Expect while expecting and when you are toward the end, maybe a few chapters of What to Expect the first year. Otherwise I say Happiest Baby on the Block is great.
    Glad you are feeling better!

  2. What is the deal with the hairy belly? I feel the same way! Also I am making tacos tomorrow night- I was craving them too.. except I told hubby we had to get the ones with the blue shells lol. I think we are going to do a 4d ultrasound at a place near by - they can do a gender scan at 15weeks... I totally admit I have no patience lol.

  3. I'm so glad you're feeling better! I remember thinking that I was going to die from being so sick and that I would NEVER go through that again but looking back it doesn't really seem that bad and was totally worth it. I am so excited that you have your big u/s coming up. I can't wait to see what you're having!