Monday, November 28, 2011


Back to reality after a wonderful, relaxing time with Husband's family. We headed up to Husband's hometown on Wednesday after work, stopped to have dinner with my SIL (yummy sushi) and got in that evening. Thursday we had two Thanksgivings- one with Husband's dad's side, and one with his mom's, then Friday I got up super early to hit the Black Friday sales. I never used to do Black Friday, but now it's a tradition that I go with Husband's mom, SIL, cousin, and whoever else wants to go. I'm not normally a big shopper, but this is a great way for me to knock out a ton of Christmas presents in one day and have fun with the girls as well. I still have a few people left to buy for, but I'd still say it was a success.

What I was most thankful for this Thanksgiving was that I started to feel baby move. I had had a couple of "was that the baby" moments, but nothing distinct, then all of a sudden, baby was very active on Thanksgiving, and I've felt it each day since. Such a crazy, cool feeling- it definitely makes it feel more real. I can't wait until Husband can feel too.

We got our next ultrasound scheduled- my dr does an ultrasound at every apt, but this next apt is our in depth anatomy scan to make sure everything's going well in there, and hopefully find out the sex! It's December 12 at 7:30am. Praying that baby cooperates this time around!

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  1. That is SO exciting that you are feeling baby move! That was one of my very favorite parts of pregnancy. Keeping my fingers crossed that baby cooperates at the big ultrasound.