Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Letter to baby

Dear Baby,

I can hardly believe that in one week, we should be finding out if you are a boy or girl! Please, please take after your Daddy and cooperate, because Mama just isn't sure she can stand another moment of wondering. I can honestly say we'll be perfectly thrilled with whatever you are, we'll adore you either way, we just want to know!

Thank you, for easing up a bit on Mama- that first trimester was rough, but I'm feeling so much better now that it makes it a lot easier to enjoy being pregnant. And, you've increased your odds at someday having siblings! If that's what it took for you to be healthy and strong, it was worth it, but you owe me one heck of a Mother's Day gift when you get here.

Just a little over a year ago we were starting to plan for you, and one of my wishes was to be pregnant with a big ol' belly during the holidays. I'm so thankful to have gotten that wish, and so happy that you'll be along with us this year as we visit with family, eat lots of good food, and celebrate our blessings this Thanksgiving and Christmas.



  1. such a sweet letter to baby---and you get to find out the sex really early! Hope the anatomy scan goes well and baby looks healthy as can be.

  2. Beautiful letter! I am so excited to find out what you are having!