Friday, November 4, 2011

The weekend, and motion sickness while pregnant

We're heading up to Kansas City this weekend for the wedding of one of my sorority sisters!  I'm so excited to see everyone, but I'm a little nervous that I'll be falling asleep as everyone starts warming up the dance floor.  I'm ready for some of that second trimester energy to begin.

Also, I've discovered that while my "typical" morning sickness seems to be doing better, being pregnant has made my motion sickness 10 times worse.  I've always gotten motion sickness, but it's usually on long trips, curvy roads, boats, etc.  Now, it's on the 15 minute drive home from church.  We were in Jefferson City last weekend to see family (5.5 hours each way) and I was poppin' my Zofran every 4 hours as allowed to combat the nausea.  KC is 4.5 hours.  I'm just going to try to sleep the whole way.

I hope you all have wonderful weekends!

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