Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Have I mentioned that I hate diaper rash?

Almost as soon as I hit publish on my last booty post, bragging about finally conquering the diaper rash, it was back.  I figured I had been lax in my use of the medicine, and returned to religious applications.  And again, it would seem to go away, then come back.

At this point, we had spent hundreds on creams, ointments, powders, and of course, various brands of disposable diapers, since we couldn't use most of the creams with our cloth diaper stash.  Add in hours of reading about rashes (my google history is pathetic), and a wash routine that was three times longer than normal for our cloth wipes to make sure I eliminated bacteria and yeast from them each time.  I was even scrubbing down her bath sling after each use, and of course, ensuring that she got plenty of naked time.  Nothing was working.  Consider me defeated.

The only blessing in all of this is that the rash has never really bothered E (except when we used disposable wipes), so at this point I figured it might be something that she just had all the time, and it would be a mostly cosmetic issue.  It would always bother me, but I was thankful my baby wasn't in pain.  I was tired of purchasing disposable diapers, since we had a lovely stash of cloth dipes I was wanting to use, so I bought fleece and cut liners for them, so I could still use the creams, but also use my FuzziBunz stash.  

Four days in (and kind of still expecting it to return), and the rash is gone.  I even stopped using the creams and obsessive wash routine, to really test if E was responding to the new diapers.  So far, so good.  Is it really possible that this whole time Emersyn was just sensitive to disposable diapers?

It's frustrating that the (possible) solution was here all along, but I'm also thankful that we had done a lot of research on cloth and had this as an option.  Gone are the early days of wondering if I really wanted to mess with the added hassle of cloth, because now that I'm not exhausted all.the.time it doesn't feel like that much extra work, especially since we were already washing our cloth wipes, and it's clearly a lot better for our baby girl.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that it's also adorable:)


  1. Glad the diapers are working out! Hopefully that will be the end of the rash! She is so so adorable :)

  2. It seriously is difficult to handle how cute she is!

  3. One of my good friends had to start using cloth everything after her girls were SUPER sensitive to disposable, and we were thiiiiiiis close to buying cloth after our two little sensitive skinned girls (the organic brands ended up working). Anyway, she said her girls cleared up in no time after making the switch, so maybe little E is on the mend!!

  4. Oh man, whatever the cause I'm so glad it's gone. STAY AWAY RASH!! And seriously? E is TOO stinking cute in that fluff.