Monday, July 23, 2012


We are celebrating because hubby passed all three of his Pharmacy exams (NAPLEX, Missouri licensing, and Oklahoma licensing)!  So very thankful for all of his hard work!  This means the last big hurdle of our crazy busy summer is to get our house sold and move up to Missouri.  This means we are also...

Praying that our house sells soon.  We parted ways with our realtor and are going at it FSBO for now, and have a second showing tomorrow night.  Really, really praying this goes through so we can get this sucker sold and not have to mess around with marketing the house ourselves, or interviewing other agents.  And because no blog post would be complete without addressing the state of my daughter's bottom, we are...

Adjusting to cloth diapers.  E's rash is still gone (hooray) which says to me this was definitely a disposable diaper sensitivity.  We have had issues with leaks around her legs (but no blowouts).  Not sure if she's just a heavy wetter and I need to switch to hemp only, or they just haven't reached full absorbency, if I don't have them tight enough, if I have them too tight, or if I'm already having repelling issues because I washed them with hemp inserts.  Need to figure it out since disposables are no longer an option for us (though I may still try organic to use while on trips or at the church nursery).  If I could get the leaks figured out I'd be much happier, since I already really love how cute and soft they are (and I love saving the $).  Not going to lie, still not loving the extra laundry.  Right now I only have 16 FuzziBunz, and I just ordered 6 BumGenius, so this will hopefully mean I do laundry less often.  I also think it will be better as she gets older and goes through less diapers.  Right now she uses around 11-12 a day, so I'm doing diaper laundry pretty much every day, since I like to start them when I still have a couple left since the whole wash and dry routine takes around 2-3ish hours.  Sadly, I could have bought 14 more diapers with what we spent on everything trying to get rid of her rash- ughhh that's just depressing.


  1. Praying things go well with your house showing! So glad E's bum is getting better! :)

  2. So happy to hear your hubby passed- congrats! Good luck on the house front.. I am praying it will sell soon.

  3. Congrats to your hubs!!

    Here are my thoughts on the leaks:
    -first I would try double stuffing the diapers. Makes them fatter but we always double stuff Truman's at this point and it helps a lot. We use one regular insert with one hemp or bamboo on top. Works well for us!

    -I don't think there is build up on them at all, as long as you are using good detergent and not using heavy creams on them without a liner. Never heard that washing with hemp inserts would cause a problem?

    -I think a lot of leaks are mostly due to fit issues. Babies go through phases where their diapers fit differently as their legs/belly/butt change shapes. Make sure those leg gussets are super tight!

    -If she uses 12 diapers per day, I would make sure to have 24 diapers total to allow for laundry every other day. Cannot imagine doing it every day!! Don't burn yourself out this early in the game, mama!!

    Glad the rash is still gone!!